Equipment and Fleet Management

Equipment and Fleet Management 

Business Operations​

Energy Management

Business Operations manages the City's fuel contracts including budget recommendations and implementation.


Business Operations manages the EFM general fund, internal service, and capital budgets.  Additionally, the vision is charged with the lifecycle management of over 250 contracts and master agreements, payment and processing of over 32,000 invoices annually, and control of over $2.5m in inventory for the facility warehouse. 

Fuel Operations

Business Operations negotiates contracts with vendors for the purchase and delivery of unleaded, diesel, and biodiesel fuel to the City's eight fuel islands and 94 fuel locations for use by internal customer departments. Additionally, Business Operations tracks and monitors fuel consumption and pricing, and negotiates the City's compressed natural gas (CNG) contract with the vendor for the purchase of CNG and maintenance of CNG facilities.


Business Operations provides administrative and management support within EFM for all technology-related programs.  Specifically, the Technology division concentrates on the administration, project management and data analysis of the fleet and fuel management software systems.

Management Systems

Business Operations coordinates and manages the Department's three certified integrated management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001) to support the City of Dallas’ commitment to customer satisfaction, pollution prevention, improving health and safety, compliance with all legal and other requirements, and ensures continual improvement to all EFM processes. The Management Systems division coordinates documents to provide consolidation of Consent Decree Metrics, establishment of Objectives and Targets to reduce our impact on the environment and ensure employee health and safety, and provides guidance and consolidation for the tracking of performance metrics and process improvements to ensure quality services are provided to all customers.​​