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Equipment and Building Services

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Equipment and Building Services (EBS)?

EBS is a department of the City of Dallas that provides internal services.

What kind of services does EBS provide?

Equipment Services is responsible for vehicles (except fire department engines and ambulances) and related maintenance and repair and equipment rental Equipment Services is also responsible for fuel operations. Building Services is responsible for City building maintenance, operations, planning, security, custodial and City Hall.

What City owned buildings does EBS maintain and operate?

EBS maintains all City facilities except those owned and operated by Aviation, Convention Center, Water and some Fair Park Buildings.

Does the public have access to City Hall and DADG parking garage?

Parking Memo

Map for Visitor Parking

How do I schedule a special event at City Hall?

You may call (214) 670-4818. For events outside of City Hall, you may call the Special Events Office at (214) 939-2703.

How do I report a maintenance concern in a City building?

You may contact Building Maintenance service request at (214) 671-8071.

How can I identify to which department a City vehicle is assigned?

You may call (214) 671-8955 with the vehicle identification number and/or license number, and City personnel will identify the vehicle and the responsible department, with the exception of Fire Department fire engines and Medical intensive Care units (MICUs) which are not under the responsibility of EBS.

How do I purchase a used City vehicle?

Used vehicles are sold at public auctions which are coordinated by Purchasing.  For further information regarding schedules, policies and procedures on City auctions you may contact a Sales and Auctions representative at (214) 670-6630 or (214) 671-0745.