Redistricting Commission

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Frequently Asked Questions​​

What is the Redistricting Commission? 

The Dallas City Charter (Chapter IV, subsection (b) of Section 5) requires that council districts be redrawn every ten years immediately after the release of the decennial census data, which serves as the basis for any reconfiguration. For this purpose, the Charter requires the creation of a Redistricting Commission with the responsibility of recommending a plan which specifies the boundaries of districts for the City Council.

How are Redistricting Commissioners selected?

In 2010, the City Council appointed a Commission composed of 15 persons to develop and recommend a redistricting plan to the City Council. Following the Commission's work, the plan must approved by the City Council and also by the U.S. Justice Department.

What is the long-term obligation for Commissioners?

Members of the Redistricting Commission may not be a current Member of City Council. Persons who accept appointment to the Commission may not seek election to the Dallas City Council in the next succeeding general election or be appointed to any other official board or commission of the city for a period of one year.

Do members of the Commission receive compensation?

Members of the Commission serve without compensation.

What Is redistricting?

Redistricting refers to the process of redrawing lines of districts from which public officials are elected. Redistricting typically takes place after each census and affects all jurisdictions that use districts, whether for members of Congress, state legislatures, county commissions, city councils, school boards, etc.

Will the public have any input in this process?

Yes! Please see the Redistricting Commission calendar for information. Public hearings will be held to gather information, and the commission meetings are open to the public