​City ​of Dallas Mayor

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson

Elected Mayor in June 2019, Mayor Eric Johnson is working to improve the quality of life in Dallas. In his short time in office, Mayor Johnson has introduced a development plan for southern Dallas, taken a hands-on approach to improving education and created new strategies for growing the arts. ​

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​City Manager

A.C. Gonzalez

T.C. Broadnax​​

T.C. Broadnax began serving as Dallas City Manager on February 1, 2017. Prior to that, he served as City Manager of Tacoma, Washington since 2012, and has more than 23 years of local government management experience.


Chad West

District 1

Adam Medrano

District 2
Mayor Pro Tem

Omar Narvaez​​

​​​District 6

Adam Bazaldua

District ​7

Adam McGough

District 10
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem

Lee Kleinman

District 11
District 14​​​​

David Blewett

District 14​​​​