Performance Plans

​Creating Goals

​Creating Goals in NEOGOV

 You must create goals within key performance/competency areas.  The goals should be aligned with business strategy.  Each Performance Plan has predefined key performance/competency areas to use to set goals.  You can view key performance areas at this link.

Adding goals as a manager and start the evaluation process

STEP 1:  HR will assign an evaluation to employees and place the evaluatio in DRAFT status to allow supervisors/managers to add goal.

STEP 2: Log into your NEOGOV account

STEP 2: Select an employee by clicking "Eployees" on the menu bar or byFrom the menu bar on your Profile Page click "Employees" or by selicting an employee from "My Direct Reports" on your home page.  Once you select the employee you will be taken to the employee detail page

STEP 3: From the employee detail page you can access the evaluation name and will be taken to the evaluation detail page where you will be able to add goals to the evaluation because it is in draft status.

STEP 4: In the Content section of the evaluatio you will find a list of key performance/competency areas.  Each areas will have at least one pre-assigned goal.  You will add department/division/worrk-unit specific goals in each performance/competency area. To add a goal click "+ Add items" and you will see different ways to add goals to the evaluation. You will add goals by clicking on "New Goal".

STEP 5: On the Add Goal screen you will (1) add a goal Title, (2) goal Desctiption and (3) assign the goal to the appropriate Category.  Once you are done updating the goal click Save.  You will be taken back to the Contect section where you will see the goal added and you can add additional goals as needed for each key performance/competency area.

STEP 6: Once all the goals have been added to the evaluation, scroll up to fine "Start Evaluation" button.  Click "Start Evaluation".  You will see a screen that will say you are about to resume the evaluation process and you are no longer in draft status. Click continue and the evaluation process will be started for that employee.

STEP 7: Scroll down to Process section and you will see that the first step in the evaluation process will begin.

Creating Goals Electronic Form