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Planning Area

Council Member Carolyn King Arnold and the Planning & Urban Design department has initiated a planning process in District 4 to establish a detailed land use and development vision to guide growth and investment in the identified planning area. The plan will articulate a vision and priorities to influence City policies and leverage resources for the area.

There are many existing area plans in District 4 including the Bottom Urban Structure Guidelines Plan (2015), the Dallas TOD Lancaster Corridor Station Area Plan (2013), Trinity Corridor Comprehensive Land Use Plan (2005) and the Dallas Zoo Land Use Study (2001). Considering the development pressures and transformation that is happening in certain parts of the district (Southern Gateway), these plans need to be integrated into one area plan that defines a unified land development vision for the area.  

The City will use the planning process to effectively engage residents in addressing issues and concerns that resonate across the district. The planning area will encompass several neighborhoods including Adelaide, Beckley Club Estates, Brentwood, Brentwood, The Bottom, Cedar Crest, Cedar Crest Village Neighborhood & Civic Club, Horizon Estates, Liberty Heights, Tenth Street Historic District, Zoo Creek Park and more. 

Planning area boundaries have been proposed based on several criteria including:

  • major catalytic development projects that are expected to trigger land use changes
  • concentration of authorized hearings for rezoning
  • major public initiatives/investments expected to trigger development activity or land use changes and
  • targeted area prioritized in the citywide comprehensive plan based on citywide analysis.

Other impetus include Transit Oriented Development (TOD) opportunities, Housing NOFA clusters, and neighborhood organization boundaries.

The planning process started in March 2021 and will continue through the year with the adoption of the plan by City Council in 2022. The planning process will occur concurrently with the Citywide Comprehensive Land Use Plan update and will provide a coordinated implementation program to advance the development vision for the area. Residents and stakeholders are essential to the planning process to provide input on goals and priorities. Information about the area and planning process can be found on this page.

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Task Force Kickoff Meeting​Thursday, March 4, 2021
Task Force Meeting #2
April 1, 2021
Task Force Meeting #3
May 6, 2021
​Task Force Meeting #4
​June 3, 2021
​Task Force Meeting #5
​August TBD


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