Sustainable Development and Construction


Sustainable Development and Construction
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​Real Estate Fees

Real Estate Fees

Abandonment Minimum Fee More Info

Application$2,500Sec. 2-26
Processing$5,000Sec. 2-26
License$1,000/yearSec. 43-115

Zoning Related Fees

Planned Development

Fee Notification

Amendment$1,935500 ft
0-5 acres$5,820500 ft
Over 5 acres5,820 + $113/acre over 5500 ft
Maximum Fee$30,000

Conservation Districts

Fee Notification

0-1 acre$500200 ft
>1-5 acres$1,200300 ft
>5-25 acres$2,400400 ft
>25 acres$2,400500 ft

Original SUP

Fee Notification

0-1 acre$1,170200 ft
>1-5 acres$1,170300 ft
>5-25 acres$1,170400 ft
>25 acres$1,170500 ft

Amend SUP

Fee Notification

0-1 acre$825200 ft
>1-5 acres$825300 ft
>5-25 acres$825400 ft
>25 acres$825500 ft

Other Zoning

Fee Notification

0-1 acre$1,050200 ft
>1-5 acres$2,610300 ft
>5-15 acres$5,820400 ft
>15-25 acres$9,315500 ft
>25 acres$9,315+$113/acre over 2551A-4.217(b)12
Maximum Fee$37,500

Deed Restrictions


City is a Party$350

Board of Adjustment Fees

Board of Adjustment Fees
Application Type Fee

Single Family Variance$600
Single Family Exception$600
Multifamily/Non Residential Variance$900 + $25/acre
Multifamily/Non Residential Exception$1,200 + $25/acre
Landscaping or Tree Migration Exception$1,200 + $25/acre
Varaince and Exception to Off-street Parking Requirements$900 + $100/space
Compliance Request for Non-Conforming Use$1,000
All Other Non-Sign Appeals$900

Platting Fees
Application Type Fee

Preliminary plat, amending plat (major), or final plat containing 20 lots or fewer $1548 + (a) $17/lot if no lot exceeds 3 acres; or (b) $70/acre if any lot exceeds 3 acres
Preliminary plat, amending plat (major), or final plat containing more than 20 lots$2193 + (a) $17/lot if no lot exceeds 3 acres; or (b) $70/acre if any lot exceeds 3 acres
Minor plat submitted as a final plat for an area which does not exceed 5 acres for residential uses or 3 acres for non-residential uses, and no lot exceeds 3 acres$2664 + (a) $26/lot if no lot exceeds 3 acres; or (b) $140/acre if any lot exceeds 3 acres
Amending plat (minor), vacation of plat, or certificate of correction$323
Reactivation of a plat application where the effective period of the plat has expired$323
Each revised submission of a preliminary plat, amending plat, minor plat, or final plat that has not been recordedone half of the original fee schedule in effect at the time the revision is submitted
Maximum charge, nor including fees charged under Subsection (6), for a preliminary plat, amending plat, minor plat, or a final plat, and all revised submissions$19,350 each type of plat
Initial submission of engineering plans$1,050
First modification of initial submission if it includes only those changes as required inresponse to comments made by the departmentNo Charge
Each subsequent submission


Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees
Application Type Fee

Minor Plat Amendment$525
Detailed development plan when submitted after passage of an ordinance establishing a planned development district$600/submission
Waiver of 2 year waiting period$300
Extension of the development schedule$75
Appeal of a moratorium$300

Street Name Change


Less than one-fourth mile$750
Less than one-half mile but more than or equal to one-fourth mile$1,050
Less than 1 mile but more than or equal to one-half mile$1,350
More than or equal to 1 mile$1,350 for 1st mile + $300 for each additional one-fourth mile