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The City of Dallas is expecting an unusually high volume of building permit and electrical permit requests as a result of the October 20th tornado.  As electrical service is restored, there may be a need for additional work on the private side of the electric meter necessitating a permit and inspections from the City. The City will be releasing power prior to an inspection on an emergency basis where it is safe to do so and a licensed and registered electrical contractor has made the request and agrees to obtain a permit within 24 hours.  We are taking numerous steps to address this potentially unprecedented level of requests, but it may impact the time it takes to respond to inspection requests throughout the city as resources are reallocated. We ask for your understanding and patience as service is restored to the households impacted by the storm and the City prioritizes building permit requests in the areas where citizens have been displaced by the storm.

Storm Damage Repair and Reconstruction Permit Information (Click link)

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Our electronic plan review service is open for business!  Click the link below andand save a trip to the Permit Center!
The Park Land Dedication Ordinance approved by the City Council on June 27, 2018, will go into effect on July 1, 2019.  The ordinance will affect certain residential development projects. 

For more information click 
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Click the image above to access the Landscape and Tree Manual.

The Dallas City Council has passed a Multi-Family Recycling Ordinance, which goes into effect on January 1, 2020.  Please go to for more information.   


The City of Dallas has approved the 2018 amendments to the Article X, Landscape and Urban Forest Conservation ordinance.  It is effective Monday, July 2, 2018.  Refer to Section 51A-10.131, Chapter 51A of the Dallas City Code for new single-family and duplex dwelling construction and demolition amendments.

To view the amendments to the ordinance, click here.

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