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The Q-TEAM is a fee-based, expedited plan review process that allows applicants to receive a personalized plan review with the possibility of permit issuance on the same day as the review meeting.  Q-TEAM meetings are conducted by appointment only and are a collaboration between the applicant, developer, design team and Q-Team subject matter experts. 

Subject matter experts that will be present during the meeting include the following:

  • Building Code
  • Electrical
  • Fire Department
  • Mechanical
  • Paving & Drainage Engineering
  • Plumbing
  • Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  • Water & Wastewater Engineering
  • Other trades, teams, and departments as needed (Conservation District, Historic District, Economic Development, etc.)

Q-Team meetings are available in full or half-day time slots, and are held Monday - Thursday from 9AM-3:30PM or 1:30 pm - 3:30pm. For more information or to schedule a meeting, email

Click here to view Service First Bulletin #305 in addition to other DSD bulletins. 


Customers seeking to utilize this service will be required to first submit all the required plans and documents with the permit application. Before the plan review team conducts the official review, the applicant must make an appointment and ensure the completeness of the submitted documentation.

Once the application is accepted, staff will provide the applicant with the schedule of available meeting time slots and instructions. Appointments will be scheduled at least five (5) days in advance and can be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during a full-day or half-day meeting.

The official technical review of the project begins within five (5) business days after the permit has been reviewed for completeness and has been accepted by the intake team. All requested corrective revisions will be reviewed within five (5) business days upon resubmittal. The final technical trade reviews will occur on the day of the appointment. Customers submitting projects that do not qualify are encouraged to review the services available provided by the Minor Commercial Q-Team.


All of the standard permit and plan review fees apply (refer to Fee Schedule) in addition to the intake fee and a $1,000 per hour plan review fee. There is a maximum fee that is based on the size and square footage of the building project.

​Intake Fee (Non Refundable)​
​Less than 10,000 square feet
​10,000-50,000 square feet
​50,001-100,000 square feet
​Greater than 100,000 square feet
Maximum Fee​
​Less than 10,000 square feet
​10,000-50,000 square feet
​50,001-100,000 square feet
​Greater than 100,000 square feet

  • Scope of work greater than 5,000 square feet for new construction
  • Scope of work greater than 5,000 square feet for exterior additions
  • Scope of work greater than 10,000 square feet for interior remodels
  • New site/full development construction projects (ground up)
  • Exterior building renovations/modifications
  • All occupancy uses and classifications
  • Interior finish outs, renovations, or expansions within existing building footprint
  • Projects with Early Release
  • Projects that have a preliminary plat
  • All projects that are not properly zoned for intended use
  • All projects that are not platted or can validate a legal build site
  • All projects that have not received the appropriate approvals from other Departments in advance (Planning, Conservation, Historic, Floodplain, etc.)
  • All projects that have not received the appropriate approvals from Paving/Drainage Engineering and Water/Wastewater Engineering
  • Less than 5,000 square feet total for new construction
  • Less than 5,000 square feet total for exterior additions
  • Less than 10,000 square feet total for interior remodels
  • Sitework projects
  • Projects that have not had a Pre-Development Meeting

​Q-Team Forms
​Building Permit Application
Prequalification Checklist
Certificate of OccupancyPre-Screen Checklist
​Food Establishment Permit
Qualitative List
​Permit Addendum Application
Site Plan Review

​Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Pre-Development meeting required prior to submitting for Q-Team permit review?
Yes. A Pre-Development meeting is required for new construction and addition projects.

Where are Q-Team meetings held?
Q-Team meetings are held in person at 320 E. Jefferson Blvd. Room 204 Dallas, TX 75203.

How do I submit my application and plans?
We only accept electronic submittals.