Plan Review & Field Service Inspections

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Building Inspection

​Required Inspections

The Inspection Services section is responsible for ensuring new construction meets all applicable City Codes and regulations. This involves inspecting work in progress in the field for conformity with approved plans and the following codes: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Signs, Fire and Fire Sprinkler, and Energy Codes. Safety is the primary function of the inspectors. New construction is typically checked several times during various phases of construction to ensure construction is proceeding according to Code. In addition, inspectors ensure the City's site management requirements are met.

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Who schedules an inspection?

The person that originally applied for the permit, whether it be the homeowner or the contractor is responsible for scheduling an inspection. You may schedule an inspection by:

  • Call our Automated Inspection Line at 214-670-5313. You must have your validation number found on the Contractor's Authorization form AND the 3-digit inspection code found here.
  • Schedule an Inspection Online

Inspection Code Directory: Inspection codes are used to identify inspection results and to call specific types of inspections.

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