Where Does It Go

​Middle/High School Student Activities


This school year, YOU can make a difference. YOU can work with City of Dallas Stormwater Management to help create an awareness of Stormwater and the pollution problem facing our creeks, rivers and lakes.What is stormwater? Stormwater is simply the rainfall that flows over yards, streets, alleys, parking lots, farms and buildings and enters the storm drain system.Why should I care? Because unlike wastewater, stormwater doesn't get treated and cleaned before it empties into creeks, lakes and rivers. So if water goes into the storm drain dirty, it stays that way.So? All that trash you can see and the pollutants you can't see – like toxic chemicals, pesticides, soap, and germs – end up in your neighborhood creeks, rivers and lakes. This means that the water is unsafe not only for fish and frogs, but also humans.To view Teacher Activities, click here >>​​