Water Utilities

​Information for Developers

​Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction:

You must obtain the appropriate permit(s) before residential construction can begin. To determine the kind of permit(s) you need (building, electrical or plumbing), contact the City of Dallas Building Inspection Division, 320 E. Jefferson at 214-948-4606. After Building Inspection has determined the kind of permit you need, follow these steps:

  1. File an application with Building Inspection.

  2. Pay fees and obtain the appropriate permits.
        2.1. See Water-Wastewater Fee Table

  3. Obtain permits for water or wastewater service from DWU's Permit Section, 320 E. Jefferson, Room 105 at 214-948-4606. The permitting process will include inspections by City of Dallas plumbing inspectors. Contact them at the phone number printed on your plumbing permit.

To Establish New Water Service:

​After obtaining the new water service permit, contact DWU's Distribution Division to schedule water service installation. During the permit purchase process, you elected to have the installation performed by either City Contractor or by a Bonded Utility Contractor of your choice. 

Installation by CITY CONTRACTOR – Electing installation by City Contractor DOES NOT automatically place the installation on schedule.  Due to the high volume of requests, installations by City Contractor can take six to eight weeks from the date of request to be completed. It is important to keep this lead-time in mind when contacting Distribution to schedule installation by City Contractor.  Contact Distribution at 214-670-8460. If routed to voicemail, please leave a brief message which includes your contact information and the address for the new service installation. You will receive a return call that verifies placement on installation schedule within 1-3 business days.

Installation by BONDED UTILITY CONTRACTOR - Your Bonded Utility Contractor is responsible for communicating and coordinating directly with Distribution Division Inspectors. Contractors should leave detailed messages (contact information and installation address) at the below-listed numbers, according to service installation size.  Inspectors return calls within 1-2 business days.

  • ​Small Services (3/4" up to and including 2") — 214- 670-8460.
  • ​Large Services (greater than 2") — 214-670-8969.

​To Establish New Wastewater Service:

Make arrangements for installation of wastewater connections with DWU's Wastewater Collection Division at 2545 Valleria. The telephone number is 214-670-8791. City of Dallas plumbing inspectors will notify the Wastewater Collection Division when inspections at the residence are completed. The Wastewater Collection Division will connect your wastewater line to the lateral main after City of Dallas plumbing inspectors approve your request and notify DWU. It normally takes 48 hours if a wastewater lateral is in place or about three to four weeks if there is no existing lateral. Please note: If subdividing, platting or developing two or more lots, contact the City of Dallas subdivision coordinator at 320 E. Jefferson, Room 218, 214-948-4452, early in the planning process to arrange for water or wastewater service.

             Application and Contract for Installation Purposes