District 1

Project Updates

​There are several ongoing City projects of interest to District 1 residents.  First,  there is the reconstruction of Sylvan Avenue, north of I-30.  This project is located in adjacent Council District 6, but affects a vital route in and out of north Oak Cliff.

The Tyler-Polk Two-way Conversion project will change those streets from one-way to two-way and will include updates to traffic signals  from Davis St to Twelfth St.

The West Davis project will partially reconstruct the street while improving pedestrian features between North Clinton Ave and Cedar Hill Ave.

Finally, Fort Worth Avenue from Sylvan Ave to W Commerce St will include pedestrian improvements, the addition of bike lanes and partial reconstruction of the street.

Below  is information about the status of each project, as well as links to select project plans. The status information will be updated on this page each week.


Sylvan Avenue Reconstruction

Tyler/Polk Two-way Conversion Plans (PDF, 61 MB)

Project Updates - June 10, 2021: 

  1. Tyler/Polk Two-Way Conversion: 
  • Project name:   Tyler/Polk Two-Way Conversion (PB06P894)
  • Scope of work:  Converting Tyler St. and Polk St. from Canty St. to Pembroke Ave. to two–way streets by constructing a traffic roundabout on Tyler St. and Polk St. from Canty St. to Winston St. and a  new traffic signal south of the Tyler/Polk/Page intersection; install new pavement markings and traffic regulatory signs to accommodate the two–way conversion; replace all existing traffic signals on Tyler St. and Polk St. from Davis St. to Twelfth St.; and replace existing water & wastewater facilities under Tyler St. and Polk St. from Canty St. to Winston St.
  • Construction cost:   $6,442,097
  • Construction start:  February 24, 2020
  • Estimated construction complete:   July 2021           
  • Design Completed:  February 2019
  • Advertisement: March 6, 13 & 20, 2019
  • Opened Bids: April 5, 2019
  • Main activities performed last week and planned activities for next week :
  • Placed sidewalk ramp on southwest corner of Jefferson Blvd. and Tyler St.; constructed barrier free ramps on the northeast corner of Jefferson Blvd. and Polk St.
  • Placing driveway approaches on Tyler St. between station 11+00 and station 13+40.
  • Removed pavement, sidewalk, driveway approaches on east side of Tyler St. from Pembroke Dr. to 618 Tyler St.
  1. West Davis Street: 
  • Project name:   West Davis Street from North Clinton Avenue to Cedar Hill Avenue (PB12S405)
  • Scope of work:  Includes partially reconstructing West Davis Street from North Clinton Avenue to Cedar Hill Avenue, with 10-inch thick reinforced concrete pavement and 2-inch asphalt overlay, pavement markings, on-street parking, wider sidewalks, barrier free ramps, LED pedestrian lighting, trees, and stormwater inlet replacement.
  • Construction cost:   $3,016, 209.50
  • Construction start:  March 18, 2019
  • Estimated construction complete:   April 2020  (Substantially Complete)         


Pedestrian light pole connection: Oncor Delivery (electrical service), General Contractor, Electrical Subcontractor and PBW Staff held a coordination meeting on April 27, 2021.  Forty-three pedestrian lights are to be connected at twelve separate points of connection and these will be energized separately (and in independent sequencing) by Oncor once the Electrical Subcontractor has completed the required electrical panel installation. Sidewalks are complete.

  1. Fort Worth Avenue:
  • Project name:   Fort Worth Avenue from Sylvan Avenue to West Commerce Street (PB06P838)
  • Scope of work:  Includes reconstructing Fort Worth Avenue from Sylvan Avenue West Commerce Street to 4 lane divided with bike lanes, with 11-inch thick reinforced concrete pavement, storm drainage, water and wastewater main replacement, new traffic signal at Fort Worth Avenue and Sylvan Avenue, pavement markings, wider sidewalks, barrier free ramps, LED street lighting, LED pedestrian lighting, trees.
  • Construction cost:   $4,991,975.50
  • Construction start:  July 2019
  • Estimated construction complete:  June 2021           

Accomplishments for the week of June 3, 2021 to June 9, 2021

  • Continued with permanent lane striping.

Planned tasks for the week of June 10, 2021 to June 16, 2021:

  • Complete permanent lane striping to STA 22+50; and
  • Mill two blocks, from STA 22+50 to Pitman Street for resurfacing and restriping.