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District 1 Project Updates

Welcome to our District 1 project updates page! Here, we provide the latest information on ongoing city projects that impact our community. Our updates are refreshed weekly to ensure you have the most current information at your fingertips.

Project Updates - June 9, 2023:

Kidd Springs Park Japanese Garden

  1. Project name: Kidd Springs Park Japanese Garden (PKR-2021-00016987)
  2. Scope of work: Creating an ADA accessible route through the garden, replacing the pedestrian bridge, foot bridge, north and south water features, and entry portals.
  3. Construction cost: $1,099,915.10
  4. Construction start: March 23, 2022
  5. Estimated construction complete: March 2023
  6. Design Completed: April 7, 2021
  7. Advertisement: May 5, 2021 & May 12, 2021
  8. Opened Bids: June 18, 2021

Main activities performed last week and planned activities:


  • This week: None.
  • Next week: Hydromulching a "shade friendly grass" mix on the slope next week.


  • This week: Checked the irrigation on the hill and elsewhere. Picked up two stone lanterns and other stones from the Bone Yard. Lynn Ruston is researching assembly procedures. Picked up additional plant material for the Friends of Oak Cliff to install.
  • Next two weeks: Pruning trees & shrubs, replacing boards on boardwalk, removing debris from south drainage channel, installing signage for the hydromulch area, and final mowing ahead of the Ribbon Cutting scheduled for June 23rd.

Jefferson-12th Street Connector

  1. Project name: Jefferson-12th Street Connector (PB17V990)
  2. Scope of work: Removing the Jefferson-Twelfth Connector and replacing it with Kevin Sloan Park, including hardscape/landscape, lighting, crosswalks, trash receptacles, benches, and trail paths; new concrete pavement for Clinton Ave, Winnetka Ave, and Willomet Ave; extending existing alleys for better access to Jefferson Blvd and Twelfth Street; Water and Wastewater line replacement.
  3. Construction cost estimate: $4,000,000
  4. Construction start: August 2023
  5. Construction Days allowed: 395
  6. Design Completed: December 2022
  7. Advertisement: February 24, 2023, and March 1, 8, & 15, 2023
  8. Opening Bids: March 17, 2023
  9. Construction contract award: May 24, 2023
  10. Construction start: August 2023
  11. Construction days allowed: 395

Main activities performed last week and planned activities for next week:

We are currently processing the construction contract for execution.