District 4

​District 4 Boards and Commissions


Commission on Disabilities (COD)

Environmental Commission (EVC)

We are now accepting applications for vacancies on the District 4 Boards and Commissions. Applications can be found at the websites below. Please notify the District 4 office via email upon completing your application: cindy.hall@dallas.gov

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District 4 Boards and Commissions Members:

Animal Advisory Commission (ASC) - Aaron Gougis

aaron gougis - animal advisory.jpg

Board of Adjustment (BOA) - Judy Pollock

Henley 1.jpg

Arts & Cultural Advisory Commission (CAC) - Jesse Hornbuckle


Community Development Commission (CDC) - Oliver Black  

Citizen Homelessness Commission (CHC) - James P Hauck

Commission on Disabilities  (COD) - Vacant - The Commission is responsible for advising and making recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, department directors and the individual designated by the Mayor to head the Mayor's initiative on disabilities on issues.

City Plan and Zoning Commission (CPC) - Thomas Forsyth

Tom Forsyth Zoning Commissioner.jpg

Community Police Oversight Board (CPOB) - Loren Gilbert-Smith


Civil Service Board Adjunct Members (CSX) - Curtis Pierre


Dallas Public Facility Corporation (DPC) - Ronald Stinson

Enivronmental Commission (EVC) - Vacant - The Commission are environmental advocates who advise the City Council on implementation of the Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan and other environmental matters.

Ethics Advisory Commission (EAC)  - Juan Garcia

Housing Finance Corporation Board (HFC) - Vacant - DHFC provides tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds and other support for the acquisition, construction or substantial rehabilitation of multi-family housing

Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) - Craig Alan Carrillo

Landmark Commission (LMC) -  Jay Taylor

jay taylor.jpg

Municipal Library Board (MLB) - Stan Aten

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center Board (MLK) - Ann Williams

Park and Recreation Board (PAR) - Harrison Blair

Harrison Blair's Headshot_.jpg

Permit and License Appeal Board ( PLAB) - Vacant - A quasi-judicial body, which hears appeals from the denial, suspension or revocation of a license or permit issued by a city department.

Senior Affairs Commission (SAC) - Phyllis Lee

phyllis lee senior affairs commission.jpg

South Dallas/Fair Park Opportunity Fund Board (SDFPOF) - Daymond Lavine

Daymond Lavine.jpg

Veterans Affair Commission - Fred Walker

Youth Commission (YOC) - Jordynn Jacobs