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​Homeless ​Commission​​

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Dallas Commission on Homelessness (DCOH)

Over the past several months, the City of Dallas, in coordination with the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA), Dallas police, CitySquare and other area shelters and organizations worked to successfully close “Tent City.” We knew that the Tent City closure was only one small piece of our work to address homelessness in our city. We must now turn our focus to long-term strategies to address this scourge that so many American cities are battling.

Archived meetings can be found​ at: http://www.dallascitynews.n​​​​​et/watch-live

The commission includes representatives from Dallas County and other agencies. Commissioners include: Britton Banowsky, Chair for Mayor Rawlings; Tanya Ragan, District 1; Bob Sweeney, District 2; Gerald Britt, District 3; David King, District 4; Suzanne Smith, District 5; Gonzalo Reyes, District 6; Jim Burton, District 7; Betty Culbreath, District 8; Steve Davies, District 9; Bill Vandivort, District 10; Ted Hamilton, District 11; Cara Mendelsohn, District 12; Casey McManemin, District 13; Michael Przekwas, District 14; Troy Broussard; Ashley Brundage; Hannah Buchanan; Will Coleman; Betty Culbreath; Steve Davies; Jay Dunn; Blake Fetterman; Paige Flink; Karen Hughes; Larry James; Anne M. Johnson; Anna Thomas Johnson; David King; Krista Nightengale; Lynn McBee; Linda McMahon; Cara Mendelsohn; Ikenna Mogbo; Gary Powell; Ricky Redd; Gonzalo Reyes; Daniel Roby; Anand Shah; Susan Spalding; Ron Stretcher; Bob Sweeney; and Tammra Wood