To request information regarding payoff or the release of a lien placed on your property by the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization,  please click the lien release intake form below to complete your request. A staff member will contact you directly if additional information is needed to fulfill your request. 

Click here to access the Lien Release Intake Form

Please note: The Lien Release Intake Form may only be used to request information related to housing liens such as liens related to mortgage assistance, home repair and development loans. If your lien is not housing-related please contact one of the departments listed below. 

  • Weed, junk or debris removal - contact the Code Compliance Department at 214-670-5708
  • Unpaid water bills - contact Dallas Water Utilities at 214-651-1441
  • Paving assessments - contact the Special Collections Department at 214-670-3438