Dallas Homebuyer Assistance Program

Dallas Homebuyer Assistance Program​


To apply for the DHAP funds, all applicants and household members must be a U. S. Citizen or Permanent Resident with a valid residency card.  We recommend the following steps: Step 1  - Attend a pre-purchase homebuyer education course through one of the DHAP and HUD approved education providers listed on the program website under the Education Providers tab.  This course will better prepare you for the home purchasing process. Once the course is completed the education provider will give you a certificate of completion that is valid for one year.Step 2  - The next step is to contact a DHAP approved lender on the program website under the Lenders tab, and let them know that you wish to apply for the Dallas Homebuyer Assistance Program for down payment and closing cost funds.  The lender will review all your information and provide you with a prequalification letter that will reflect a sales price they are willing to finance. Step 3  - Contact DHAP at 214-670-4447 to schedule an appointment for an interview to get prequalified for homebuyer assistance.  You will need to bring the following documents:Homebuyer Loan ApplicationDrivers License or State/Government Issued Identification - All adults 18 years or olderSocial Security Card(s) - All household membersPermanent Resident Card(s) - All household membersBirth Certificates for DependentsMarriage Certificate (if you file income taxes separately from your spouse) / Divorce Decree (if applicable)Three Months most recent paystubs for all household members. Documentation for all sources of  income to include: pension incomeannuity paymentsunemployment compensationsocial security incomedisability incomealimonychild supportTANFhousing assistancemilitary payprizesroyalties awardslotter winningslife insurance policies (cash available before death)revocable trustsrental incomemortgages or deeds of trustThree months current bank account statements for all household members (checking/savings). All pages.Most recent retirement account statements (IRA, 401K, Keogh Accounts).Tax Return or Transcript for the last tax period with W2 or 1099 forms.  (1040EZ forms are not accepted) Self-employed homebuyers must submit two years tax return and a current profit and loss statementHomebuyer Education CertificateMortgage lender prequalification letter from a DHAP approved lender.List of all monthly debts to include credit card payments, bank/car loan payments and student loan payments.DHAP will review your household information to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements of the program and will provide you with a conditional letter of eligibility to provide to your lender.Step 4  - Once you have received the prequalification from a lender and a conditional letter of eligibility from DHAP, your next step should be to contact a real estate agent to help you find an existing or new construction property within the city limits of Dallas.  You will then be able to supply the prequalification letter as proof that you are a serious homebuyer.Step 5 - When you have an executed sales contract for the home purchase, and DHAP funds are still available, the lender will then be able to register you with the program.  The lender will work directly with the City of Dallas to process your loan application and determine the amount of assistance you may receive.  Upon the initial underwrite of the loan application, all files are subject to a final review process before closings can be set.  Homebuyers, mortgage lenders and realtors should anticipate approximately 45 days for the final review process.Please contact us via email at dhaploans@dallascityhall.com or by phone at 214.670.4447 if you have any additional questions.