Dallas Homebuyer Assistance Program

Dallas Homebuyer Assistance Program

​Minimum Housing Standards (MHS) Reviews​

The goal of the DHAP is to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing.  The City has set forth basic Minimum Housing Standards (MHS) that all units must satisfy prior to the completion of the home purchase.  The primary objective of these standards is to assure a basic level of acceptable housing and to establish minimum criteria.  These requirements focus on health and safety concerns and the functionality of systems. 

Authorized representatives of the City of Dallas must make a determination of the structures’ MHS acceptability, regardless of the participant’s possible willingness to accept any deficient condition.  MHS review results may not be relied upon by the applicant, for anything other than satisfying DHAP requirements.

It is recommended that applicants obtain a Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) property inspection, but it is not a requirement to access DHAP.  Information obtained in the TREC inspection does not have any bearing on the DHAP application.  TREC inspections are much more detailed than MHS reviews and result in a contractual relationship between the TREC inspector and the applicant. 

An applicant may select any TREC licensed inspector.  Should questions surface about information contained in such TREC inspection, before or after the purchase of the home, the matter should be resolved between the TREC inspector and the applicant.  It is not the responsibility of the City of Dallas to address such questions or resolve any issues associated with a TREC inspection.

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