Planning & Urban Design

​Urban ​Design Advisory Committee​

The Urban Design Advisory Committee (UDAC) is an advisory body appointed by the City Plan Commission. UDAC is made up of two City Plan Commissioners and five citizens. UDAC is responsible for reviewing long range planning and area plans prior to the City Plan Commission consideration. The Plan Commission then makes a recomm​endation which is forwarded to City Council. UDAC's meetings are open to the Public.

For more information, contact Yolanda Pesina at (214) 670-3086 or Committee Chair Jaynie Schultz at​


Current Urban Design Advisory Committee Membership and Biographies


Meetings and Agenda Items

2018 Meetings

01-18-2018 - Agenda; Minutes


2017 Meetings

01-19-2017 - Agenda; Minutes

02-16-2017 - Agenda; Minutes

04-06-2017 - Agenda; Minutes

06-08-2017 - Agenda; Minutes; Downtown Dallas 360 Update Presentation; Dallas Arts District Master Plan DRAFT; Dallas Arts District Zoning Amendment DRAFT

08-10-2017 - Agenda; Downtown 360 Update - Presentation (Please note: The presentation PDF states that D-link buses run from 11am to 1pm, but they actually run from 11am to 11:30pm.)

09-21-2017 - Agenda; Meeting cancelled

11-02-2017 - Agenda; MinutesThe 360 Plan draft; The 360 Plan Appendix draftThe 360 Plan presentation

11-16-2017 - Agenda; Minutes; The 360 Plan draft; Summary of edits to The 360 Plan document


2016 Meetings

01-21-2016 - Agenda; MinutesDraft Greater Casa View Area Plan (Jan 2016)

02-25-2016 - Age​n​da​; Meeting cancelled

03-24-2016 - Agenda​; Meeting cancelled

04-07-2016 - AgendaMinutes; Briefing: Preston Center Area Plan​​​

04-21-2016 - ​Ag​e​nda​​; ​Minutes

05-05-2016 - AgendaMinutes; Briefing: Dolphin Heights

05-19-2016 - ​Ag​e​nda​​​​​​; MinutesBriefing: Preston CenterPreston Center 3D Images

06-02-2016 - ​Ag​e​nda​​​​​​; MinutesUrban Design Program

06-30-2016 - Agenda​; Minutes; Neighborhood Plus​ 

07-21-2016 -  AgendaMinutesHenderson Avenue Development; Henderson Avenue Supplementary Materials

08-18-2016 -  AgendaMinutes

09-15-2016 -  Agenda​; Minutes; Complete Streets and the Urban Design Committee​​

11-17-2016 - ​​​AgendaMinutes​; DRAFT Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area PlanPreston Center Briefing Presentation

12-01-2016 -​ ​​​AgendaMinutes

12-15-2016 - ​​​AgendaMinutes; DRAFT Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan​; Draft Summary of Polices and Strategic Actions