Procurement Services

Procurement Services

​Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to be a supplier for the City. What is the first step? 

The very first step to become a supplier (also known as vendor) is to register your business on Bonfire. Once you register, you will start receiving notifications for Bids and Solicitations.

What is Bonfire? 

Bonfire is our solicitation portal; It is where the City of Dallas posts bids and solicitations opportunities.

How do I register to receive notices of bidding opportunities in Bonfire?

To ensure you receive the proper notices, include all commodity codes related to your business.

Do I need my Bonfire vendor number?

No, Bonfire is strictly for viewing and participating in bids and solicitations for the City.

How do I reset my Bonfire password?

For instructions to reset your Bonfire password, please click here:

How do I fill out an Online BidTable?

For instructions to fill out an online bid table, please click here:

Where can I find additional answers and Bonfire training guides?

Bonfire has a learn and tour option available. For more information, please click here:

How do I find out about Bid Meetings and other special events?

For more bid meetings and other special events, please click here:

I have been awarded a contract by the City of Dallas, how do I register for payment?

  • A City of Dallas customer vendor number is required.
  • In order to receive payment for goods and services delivered you may email CODVendorRegistrations in order to get a registration form or register online through the Self-Service Portal.

How do I find out who was awarded a project after a solicitation has closed?

  • For older projects, please submit an open record request via City's WEBAPP
  • Beginning January 01, 2020 the bid table will be posted on the solicitation in Bonfire after City Council award.

I have registered on the City's self-serve site and have not received my customer vendor number, what do I do?

In the event that you do not receive your vendor number, you can email CODVendorRegistrations. Please have your tax ID available in order to search your vendor number.

When do I need my City supplier number, and how do I reset it if I need to?

  • A City supplier number is only needed once you have been awarded or need payment from the City.
  • If you have lost your login information, please email CODVendorRegistrations.  Please have your tax ID available in order to search your vendor account.

How do I find out more information about MWBE?

In order to find out more about MWBE you can reach out to The Office of Economic Development/Business Workforce at: (214) -671-5010

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