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​Workforce Initiative

About Us: Workforce Initiative is a unified set of solutions to meet employment needs, by embracing a variety of cultures, attitudes, and individual potential. Creating connections among the City of Dallas is a key component in providing effective, efficient, and quality workforce development solutions.

The City’s goal is to place workers in jobs where there are career development opportunities, and cultivating that development can certify an adequate source of capable individuals for job placement. 

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Workforce Initiative is Talent Development: A skilled and talented workforce is critical for the development and sustainability of growing industries and a vibrant and diversified Dallas economy. Small or large businesses, we can help you find the resources to meet your workforce development needs, whether you are new to Texas, already here but ready to expand, or looking to upskill your existing workforce. Various resources are available, at no cost, to address your workforce development needs.

 Workforce Grants

  • Workforce Re-Entry Grants
    • TDCJ Grant
    • Career Pathways Grant
  • Upskill Grant 

Workforce Initiative has five major grant recipients with the following groups:

  • United Way
    • United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community.
  • Oak Cliff Empowered
    • Oak Cliff Empowered takes individuals that are unemployed or underemployed and giving them the workforce training, support, and skills that are needed to develop career pathways.
  • Dallas Leadership Foundation
    • Operating a pre- and post-entry program through designated dorms in Hutchins State Jail, DLF supports individuals seeking a fresh start by walking side by side with them to develop individual service plans designed to help them successfully return to society.
  • Volunteers of America
    • At Volunteers of America Texas, we believe in second chances, and we are committed to helping these individuals to reduce recidivism. We begin working with individuals while they are in prison, helping them prepare to re-enter the community by building life skills and overcoming problems with addiction.
  • Regional Black Contractors Association
    • The Regional Black Contractors Association’s mission is to advocate for and advance the development and growth of African-American owned businesses and their capacity.

The City has supported programs with these organizations to provide workforce training (in construction, health care, logistics, and more) and employment placement and retention.

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