Sustainable Development and Construction

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Article XIII: Form Districts

​Sustainable Development and Co​nst​ruction


The City of Dallas is committed to being a helpful and enthusiastic partner in the private development process. Sustainable Development and Construction provides permit and plan review, approval and inspection services for private development.  The Sustainable Development and Construction Department is structured such that a person wanting to build in Dallas can conduct business within one department, under the leadership of one director and one assistant city manager.  Our goal is to provide high-quality customer service, while protecting the health, safety and welfare of Dallas residents.​


Number of zoning cases submitted for the period ending 9/128/21:

City Plan Commission
​​Zoning Cases SubmittedNumber Remaining
November 18, 2021


The Sustainable Development and Construction Department caps the number of zoning cases processed for each submittal deadline based on the type of zoning requests submitted and the number of full time planners on staff.  The current number of applications accepted per deadline is 10.  The number may be reduced if a large number of planned development districts are submitted during one cutoff period.  Any cases accepted beyond the number assigned will be placed on the next cutoff.  This number is updated after 4:00 p.m. each work day. 

The tentative City Plan Commission (CPC) date shown for the cutoff date is dependent on deadlines for additional information being met by the applicant.  The CPC date is also dependent on the case being postponed by the applicant or the opposition.  The date above is a tentative date.​

For more information regarding submittal deadlines please click on the links below to access the zoning application schedule:  

2021 City Plan Commission Calendar
2021 Zoning Case Schedule (Revised 3/2/2021)

For status updates on existing zoning casesclick here​.

Number of Board of Adjustment appeals for the current period ending  : 9/24/21

​Board of Adjustment Meeting Period​​Appeals ReceivedNumber Remaining 
November 15, 2021  - Panel C
November 16, 2021 - Panel A
November 17, 2021 - Panel B


The Sustainable Development and Construction Department, Building Inspection Division, accepts a maximum of 14 applications for each filing deadline.  Please refer to the BDA calendar and instructions packet for additional information.  Any appeals accepted beyond the maximum number will be sequentially scheduled for the next filing deadlines. 

2021 Board of Adjustment Meeting Calendar
2021 Board of Adjustment Submittal Schedule