Dallas Bikeway System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are shared lane markings sometimes not placed in the middle of the right outside lane?

Usually shared lane markings are placed in the middle of the right lane. If the lane is not wide enough to accommodate both the parked vehicles and the bicyclists, then the shared lane marking will be in the adjacent lane.

In a bike lane, bicyclists don't have to think about cars, right?

Wrong. When the bike lane stripe turns into a dotted line, it means motorists can cross the lane to make turns. Bike riders should hold their position in the lane, but be ready to slow down for motorists who don't yield.

Where in the bike lane should people ride?

Bicyclists should usually ride in the middle. But in a bike lane next to a line of parked cars, bicyclists should ride on the left side of the lane. That way, an opening car door won't hit them.

When will the Bikeway System be finished?

The 2011 Dallas Bike Plan envisions the Bikeway System to be completed by the end of 2021. Actual implementation will depend on available funding from City sources, federal and state grants, and private sector contributions.

How can I contribute to the Bikeway System implementation?

The Dallas Parks Foundation established a fund for the Bikeway System implementation. To contribute please visit www.dallasparksfoundation.org or contact the Park Foundation at 972-803-1555 or samuel@dallasparksfoundation.org

How do I request a new bike lane or bike and pedestrian trail?

Submit comments to the one of the staff contacts listed in the left column on each page.

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