Upcoming Elections

      MAY 4, 2019 - GENERAL ELECTION


*December 11, 2018 - Special Run-Off Election (Place 4, Unexpired Term) for the  purpose of electing a designated member to the City Council that did not receive 50.01% of the votes cast for that seat in the Special General Election.  Places 4 Runoff, unexpired term.

*November 6, 2018 – Special General Election (Place 4) for the purpose of electing one member to the city council of the city of Dallas to be designated as Member of Council, Place 04.

*November 7, 2017 Special Bond Election for the purpose of authorizing general obligation bonds by the qualified voters of the city of Dallas.

*June 10, 2017 - Runoff Election for the purpose of electing designated members to the City Council that do not receive 50.01% of the votes cast for that seat in the General Election.  Places 6, 7 and 8 are in Runoff.

*May 6, 2017 - General Election​ for the purpose of electing 14 members to the city council of the City of Dallas to be designated as: Member of Council, Place 1; Member of Council, Place 2; Member of Council, Place 3; Member of Council, Place 4; Member of Council, Place  5; Member of Council, Place  6; Member of Council, Place  7; Member of Council, Place 8; Member of Council, Place 9; Member of Council, Place 10; Member of Council, Place 11; Member of Council, Place 12; Member of Council, Place 13; and Member of Council, Place 14 respectively.

​Important Election Information

There were changes made to election laws that citizens need to be aware of when voting in Texas. All Texas voters are now required to present an appro​ved form of photo identification to vote in all Tex​as elections. For more information please, contact your county or visit your county's website. Links are located to the right.