Dallas 311

311 Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App

1. How do I use the mobile app?

Citizen Web Portal

1. How do I access and use the Dallas 311 Web Portal?
  • Go to the City of Dallas homepage (dallascityhall.com).
  • Scroll down and click the "Request a Service" button.
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‚ÄčKnowledge FAQs

  1. What is 311 Knowledge and why do I need to use it?
  2. 311 Knowledge is a database of articles in Salesforce that gives summary information about City of Dallas Departments, Offices & Services. This database provides fast and easy access to City of Dallas information, eliminating the need to browse for long periods of time to find information.

  3. How do I access 311 Knowledge?
    1. Go to the 311 section of the City of Dallas homepage and click Request a Service near the middle of the page OR
    2. Go to the Salesforce Web portal @ https://dallascrm.force.com/public/servicetypes
    3. Click the Knowledge tab.
      1. Knowledge is in the system in the form of articles.
      2. Articles can be accessed using search or by browsing article categories (the three boxes on the screen).
  4. How do I use 311 Knowledge to find information about a City Department?
    1. Search for the information b typing keywords into the search box.
      1. For example, to search for Sustainable Development & Construction, type in keywords or phrases such as construction, development, sustainable or sustainable development.
      2. Select the desired article from the search results and view the contents.
        1. Note that articles are intended to provide summary information. Relevant links and attachments are included in articles to provide more detailed information and/or shortcuts to system features (such as the ability to create a service request). 
  5. Can information about service requests be found in 311 Knowledge?
    1. Yes. Search for service request information using the method described above.
      1. The articles give descriptions of service requests along with a link to create the service request.
  6. What should I do if I notice outdated or incorrect information in 311 Knowledge?
    1. Call 3-1-1 and report the outdated or incorrect information.