Dallas 311

311 Frequently Asked Questions

OurDallas Mobile App

1. How do I use the OurDallas mobile app?

Citizen Web Portal

1. How do I access and use the Dallas 311 Web Portal?
  • Go to the City of Dallas homepage (dallascityhall.com).
  • Scroll down and click the "Request a Service" button.
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  1. What is 311 Knowledge and why do I need to use it?
  2. 311 Knowledge is a database of articles in Salesforce that gives summary information about City of Dallas Departments, Offices & Services. This database provides fast and easy access to City of Dallas information, eliminating the need to browse for long periods of time to find information.  
    Watch this short (4 minutes) Using Knowledge on the Web video to see how 311 Knowledge is used (Chrome browser recommended).

  3. How do I access 311 Knowledge?
    1. Go to the 311 section of the City of Dallas homepage and click Request a Service near the middle of the page OR
    2. Go to the Salesforce Web portal @ https://dallascrm.force.com/public/servicetypes
    3. Click the Knowledge tab.
      1. Knowledge is in the system in the form of articles.
      2. Articles can be accessed using search or by browsing article categories (the three boxes on the screen).
  4. How do I use 311 Knowledge to find information about a City Department?
    1. Search for the information b typing keywords into the search box.
      1. For example, to search for Sustainable Development & Construction, type in keywords or phrases such as construction, development, sustainable or sustainable development.
      2. Select the desired article from the search results and view the contents.
        1. Note that articles are intended to provide summary information. Relevant links and attachments are included in articles to provide more detailed information and/or shortcuts to system features (such as the ability to create a service request). 
  5. Can information about service requests be found in 311 Knowledge?
    1. Yes. Search for service request information using the method described above.
      1. The articles give descriptions of service requests along with a link to create the service request.
  6. What should I do if I notice outdated or incorrect information in 311 Knowledge?
    1. Call 3-1-1 and report the outdated or incorrect information.

Popular Service Requests

Code Concern - CCS

  1. How do I report violations not listed in the drop-down categories using the Code Concern service request?
    1. Select "Other" from the drop-down for the question "What is the issue related to?"
    2. Answer the populated question ("If other, please describe").
  2. Why is the estimated response time (ERT) the same for every category/violation?
    1. All violations have a 3-7 day response time but specific violations are responded to before a 3-7 day time frame depending on the priority. Items with a priority of Urgent or High may be responded to within a timeframe of 2 hours to 1 business day.
  3. What can I do if Code Compliance closes my request with "No violation found?"
    1. The following options are available:
      1. Contact the department or inspector to ask the reason for their findings.
      2. Submit another Code Concern service request and provide more details/photos of the violation.
      3. Submit a Complaint/Compliment service request regarding your dissatisfaction of the findings.
  4. What is a courtesy notice?
    1. A courtesy notice is a notice used to notify the property owner that:
      1. the property was reported to have conditions in violation of the Dallas City Code.
      2. the alleged violation(s) have been documented and there is a time limit to resolve/correct the violation(s) voluntarily.
        1. a follow-up date for property inspection by a Code Enforcement Officer may be scheduled to determine compliance.
        2. failure to take the initiative to comply will result in additional enforcement action.

    courtesy notice res.jpg

    1. What do I do if I receive a courtesy notice?
      1. Contact the Service First Representative if you have questions about the violation.
      2. Correct the violation(s) within the allotted timeframe then notify the Service First Representative listed at the bottom of the notice.courtest notice rep box res.jpg
  5. When submitting a request, where can I find help, hints or text descriptions to understand violations?
    1. The following options are available for getting additional information regarding the violation you are reporting:
      1. Go to the Code Compliance website (or select Code Compliance from the Department options on the City's dallascityhall.com homepage) and search for information regarding the violation. The website contains pictures and descriptions of commonly reported violations.
      2. Contact Code compliance for assistance from a Code Inspector or representative.
      3. Contact 3-1-1 for assistance from a Dallas 311 Call Center agent.

Restaurant Food/Complaint - CCS

  1. Can I schedule or request a health inspection on a restaurant?
    1. Inspections are conducted routinely by the Consumer Health Division of Code Compliance. However, residents can initiate the start of an inspection by submitting the Restaurant Food/Complaint - CCS service request.
  2. How do I report items I found in my food?
    1. Select "Other" from the drop-down for the question "What is the nature of your concern?"
    2. Answer the populated question ("If other, please describe")
  3. Can a restaurant be closed or shut down as a result of a failed inspection or low score?
    1. Yes. After a thorough initial inspection and follow-up inspection, if the score is 59 or below, the restaurant will be closed and would require an additional inspection with a passing score to reopen.
  4. How do I find out the rating/score for restaurants?
    1. Go to the Code Compliance Restaurant Food Scores webpage.

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Sanitation Roll Cart Maintenance/Delivery - SAN

  1. Is there a fee for additional garbage or recycling roll cart?
    1. Yes.  Residents can receive one complimentary recycling roll cart for each garbage roll cart on the account. Additional roll cart fees are posted at the Sanitation Residential Garbage Collection page.
  2. Where should I put my cart if I am requesting maintenance, replacement or removal?
    1. Roll cart(s) must be placed at the curb in front of the residence.
  3. Can I use this service request if I have commercial/business service?
    1. Yes. But if you are a new customer or would like to request additional roll carts, use the Sanitation Commercial Services request instead.
  4. Why am I being directed to another request for a new or additional commercial roll cart?
    1. These types of requests require a charge to your contract and must be approved and signed prior to the beginning of the service charge.

Sanitation Missed Garbage - SAN

  1.  How long does Sanitation take to pick up my garbage?
    1. Visit the Sanitation website for this information.
  2. What does this orange tag on my garbage cart mean?
    1. Sanitation will leave an orange tag detailing why your items were not collected along with information about how to contact your District representative if you have questions.
SAN NOV eng.jpg     SAN NOV sp.jpg

Dead Animal Pickup - DAS

  1. My pet passed away. What should I do?
    1. Submit the Dead Animal Pickup - DAS service request and ensure that your pet is contained in a plastic bag. Place the bag on the curb near the area your garbage is placed for collection. Dallas Animal services will collect the pet during normal collection hours.
    2. Visit  the Dallas Animal Services Pet Resources page.
  2. What are normal collection hours?
    1. Requests for service that are submitted Monday - Friday before 6:00 pm, Saturday before 2:30 pm and Sunday before 1:30 pm are responded to the same day. Otherwise, requests are responded to the next day.
    2. View more information at the Dallas Animal Services website.
  3. Where do I report a dead animal on a freeway or highway?
    1. All dead animals on highways, freeways or highway medians are handled by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Parking - Report a Violation/24 Hour Parking Violation

  1. Who handles vehicles parked on a public street?
    • Parking Enforcement and/or the Dallas Police Department
  2. What do I need to report a parking violation?
    • Location/address of the vehicle, license plate number (if no license plate, provide VIN if it is easily available) & state, make/model, color, and any additional details regarding the vehicle or the violation
    • Contact information is not required but helpful in case more information is needed.
  3. What happens after I create a service request for a violation?
    • The request is assigned to the appropriate department for investigation.
    • If the vehicle is no longer at the location, the service request will be documented and closed.
    • If the vehicle is at the location, the license plate is checked to determine the registered owner and to verify whether the vehicle has been reported stolen.
    • Pending the violation, a citation is written and left on the vehicle or the vehicle is marked and tagged with a 24-hour warning sticker.
      pkg citation.JPG
    • Upon return within 24 hours, the vehicle will be towed if it is still at the location.

  4. What are some specific reasons for towing a vehicle?
    • The vehicle is on a public street and has not been moved for 24 hours.
    • The vehicle is parked on a public street and the registration is expired, the vehicle is damage, the vehicle has a flat tire or is inoperable.
  5. If my vehicle is towed while parked on a public street, where is it taken?

    Street Repair (Routine) - PBW

  1. What happens when I create a Street Repair service request?
    1. An inspection is completed to determine if repairs are needed/available.
    2. If minor repairs are needed, maintenance is scheduled and a crew performs needed repairs.
    3. If maintenance is not needed, the request is closed.
    4. If major repairs are needed, the request is referred and repaired pending needed equipment.
  2. What are some specific reasons a street is not repaired?
    1. The location is not in the City of Dallas.
    2. The location belongs to TxDOT.
    3. The location is on the City of Dallas Needs Improvement list.
  3. How do I get a new street or the entire street redone?
    1. Major repairs requiring capital improvement projects are evaluated, prioritized and inventoried. If applicable, the projects are placed on the City's Needs Improvement list.
      1. Projects on the Needs Improvement list are candidates for funding in a future general obligation bond program. Visit the Public Works website for more information.

Pothole (Routine) - PBW

  1. What happens when I create a Pothole (Routine) service request?
    • Non-hazardous potholes are assigned to Public works for inspection.
      • A true pothole will be assigned to a crew within 3 business days pending staffing and/or weather and closures.
      • If larger than a pothole repair,  the request is referred for a routine Street Repair and the SLA is 45 business days.
    • A hazardous pothole needs to be called in to 3-1-1.

  2. Does the City fill potholes in parking lots or on private property?
    • No. These potholes are the responsibility of the property/business owner.
  3. How do weather conditions lead to potholes?
    • Rain and freezing temperatures force the water to expand in the ground and weaken the pavement. The weakened ground cracks, crumbles, and leaves roads with potholes.

Traffic Signal - Flashing 

  1. Why can't I submit a Traffic Signal - Flashing request online or using my mobile app?
    1. This request can be made only by calling 3-1-1 due to the routing nature of the request and the typical conditions involved with the request (typically storms, rainy weather or power interruption).
  2. How is the request handled?
    1. Technicians go to the location, investigate and either resolve the issue or refer the traffic signal for further maintenance. In most cases, resetting the signal is the most common solution.
  3. What are some of the reasons for a flashing signal?
    • Rain/storm event
    • Interruption of power
    • Internal programming
    • Damaged wiring
    • Signal has been hit or knocked down
      signal flashing.JPG
  4. Do signals have a backup system?
    • Some signals have a battery backup system in place. If power is lost, the signal can continue working for a couple of hours.