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growSouth Neighborhood Challenge Grant

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What is the growSouth Neighborhood Challenge Grant?

The growSouth Neighborhood Challenge Grant was created to promote neighborhood pride, resident engagement and neighborhood improvements.  The grant offers financial assistance for neighborhood groups to improve physical features and develop service-based projects. Projects must serve a public purpose that promotes strong, safe and vibrant communities. The City will award up to $10,000 in grant funds to community groups with top-ranked, service-based or construction projects. In collaboration with the Planning and Urban Design Department, the Mayor's Office seeks to ignite neighborhood creativity and resident empowerment throughout the City of Dallas.

2017-18 Grant Cycle

The City of Dallas is currently kicking off the 2017-18 grant cycle. Prior to the application deadline, there will be a Project Development Workshop to clarify application requirements and to orient neighborhood organizations on putting together a good grant application. Attendance by at least one member of the applicant organization is required for grant submission.

growSouth Grant Development Workshop

The growSouth Grant Development workshops were held on   November 9, 2017and November 13, 2017  The workshop was a mandatory step for organizations applying for the growSouth Grant. For documents for 2017-18 grant cycle, visit one of the following links.

  •  growSouth Grant Guidelines HERE
  • growSouth Grant Application HERE
  • growSouth Grant Neighborhood Participation Form HERE
  • growSouth Grant Development Workshop Presentation HERE
  • Example of the Fiscal Agent Letter HERE

2016-17 growSouth grant awardees


Behind Every DoorVillage Oaks Community GardenBehind Every Door transformed the Village Oaks community garden by modifying raised beds and creating an outdoor classroom for residents of all ages
Bertrand Neighborhood AssociationBertrand MarketBertrand Neighborhood Association and Frazier Revitalization created the "grow your own" marketing campaign to support the Bertrand market.
Brettonwoods Neighborhood AssociationBrettonwoods Branding ProjectEnhanced their neighborhood identity by designing and installing sign toppers.
Buckner Terrace Homeowner AssociationNeighborhood Sign ToppersMore than 170 sign toppers were installed by the Buckner Terrace Homeowner Association to catapult neighborhood branding and resident pride building
Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute (DHWI)Walking Trail Enhancement at the Diabetes Health and Wellness InstituteThe Juanita J. Craft Recreation Center was the beneficiary of ADA accessible benches, picnic tables and mile markers as part of the Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute's goal to increase recreational activity in a community plagued by health inequalities.
Elderoaks Civic AssociationNeighborhood Branding and BeautificationInstalled sign toppers and partnered with the Mayor's growSouth VISTA team to paint an art mural at the intersection of Hampton and Camp Wisdom Roads.
Elderwood Neighborhood AssociationElderwood Entrance BeautificationImproved their subdivision sign by power washing the pre-existing retainment wall and adding new letter markers
Friends of Oak Cliff ParksKiest Park Conservation Area Phase 2A series of volunteer clean up events resulted in the Friends of Oak Cliff Parks installing park benches and expanding walking trail accessibility.
Hidden Valley HOA/ Runyon Springs HOA/CWCommunity Sign ToppersOrganized a beautification project which included planting trees and installing sign toppers.
Kiest Park Community Group Neighborhood AssociationKiest Park Memorial Tree Groves PreservationInstallation of an entryway sign at the Kiest Park Memorial Tree Grove and preserved historic bronze plaques
Parkdale/ Lawnview Association of Neighbors (PLAN)Parkdale Neighborhood Beautification ProjectEnhanced their neighborhood by: planting foliage and native plants in six traffic islands, creating a school vegetable garden and beautifying the Bisbee Park entrance.
Pemberton/ Trinity Forest Neighborhood AssociationPemberton/ Trinity Forest Sign TopperIncreased neighborhood visibility and promoted neighborhood pride by installing 73 sign toppers within their community.
Urbandale NeighborsUrbandale Sign ToppersEngaged residents in the creation of sign toppers to create neighborhood pride.

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