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The Building Services Department (BSD) is an internal service department comprised of four divisions: Business Operations, Custodial and Customer Care, Facility Maintenance and Operations, and Capital Improvement.  Business Operations is responsible for department finances and contract management, energy management, and management systems.  Custodial and Customer Care is responsible for custodial services and special event/room reservations.  Facility Maintenance and Operations is responsible for City Building maintenance and operations.  Capital Improvement is responsible for large scale repairs requiring outside contractors and office space renovations.


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Department Leadership

John Johnson, Director
Building Services Department
(214) 670-0196

Joanna Treviño, Executive Assistant
(214) 670-0196

Carolina Yumet, Assistant Director
Renovation and Major Maintenance
(214) 670-5392

Brian Thompson, Assistant Director
Facility Maintenance and Operation
(214) 670-4454

Armando Rios, Building Services Administrator
Customer Care and Custodial
(214) 671-1934

Alicia Edwards, Budget/Finance Manager
Business Operations
(214) 671-5127