Office of Ethics and Compliance

Training​​ & Communications


The Office of Ethics and Compliance ensures that every employee has undergone mandatory training for ethics.  These classes are tailored to their job roles and work groups. For example, classes held for administrators will not be the same ones that are conducted for police. This customization is done in order for our employees to face relevant, realistic scenarios so that they will better equipped to deal with ethical dilemmas they may face in in their work environment.

The trainings are held biannually and during New Employee Orientation. Additionally, trainings can be requested throughout the year focusing on specific issues.


Communications are sent out to City employees regularly on various topics. Ethics @ Work is one of the methods of communications that is distributed from the Office of Ethics & Compliance. Ethics @ Work highlights various topics relating to the Code of Ethics. This allows for open communication between the Office of Ethics & Compliance and employees on relevant issues.

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Ethics Week

Ethics & Compliance Week at the City of Dallas will be celebrated on May 6-10, 2019.  This event is held to offer an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of ethics and compliance at the City of Dallas.  By having a designated week, we can build awareness in ways that reinforce not just specific rules and regulations, but an overall culture of compliance. 

Our ethical reputation is the cornerstone of how we conduct business and provide service to the citizens of Dallas.  We must constantly be aware that every decision and action we take on behalf of the City should be based on what is right and fair.  Ethics & Compliance week is a way for departments to showcase ways their departments demonstrate ethics and compliance in their day to day functions. 

Please be on the lookout for emails on the various activities around the City.  For questions or further information, please contact the City's Ethics Officer, Michelle Ranum, via email at

Ethics Week - May 6-10, 2019

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