Office of Ethics and Compliance

​Ethics Programs

Values Ambassador Program

The Values Ambassador Program is a method to implement a Service First culture throughout the organization by embedding Values Ambassadors throughout departments.  The Values Ambassadors will foster a Service First culture by disseminated communications, acting as a Values focal point, and being an advocate for recognizing employees who embrace the Values.  They will be an informal network of diverse employees who share in the responsibility of promoting a positive culture based on the Values of Service.   For additional information on the Values Ambassador Program, please review the Values Ambassador FAQ document.

Values Ambassador FAQ.pdf

Ethics Resources

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics contains guiding principles that every City official and employee should adhere to.

Plain-Language Guide 

 The Plain-Language Guide to the City of Dallas Code of Ethics is a condensed version of the City Code of           Ethics with specific ethical behaviors that are required from City employees and also gives examples of     behavior that violates the Code of Ethics.

It is important to remember this Guide is only a summary of some of the rules of the Code of Ethics.  Always check the Code of Ethics itself for specific details, including exceptions to the general rules described in this Guide.

Plain Language Guide to Code of Ethics.pdf

City Partners

The Office of Ethics and Compliance works alongside with every department in the City of Dallas. Together, we strive to create an ethically sound and diverse environment for our employees. The following is a sample of departments who are specialized partners in helping us achieve a diligent, honest work-environment:

Dallas City Attorney

Dallas Human Resources

Dallas Civil Service

Dallas Auditor