Transition from Active to Retiree

The City of Dallas offers a suite of benefits to its retired employees: Non-Medicare (Pre-65) Eligible and Medicare (Post-65) Eligible.

Employees transitioning from Active to Retiree must be enrolled in a medical plan to participate in Retiree benefits.

As you prepare to retire and if you intend to continue coverage with the City, you have 30 days from your retirement date to complete the following actions:

Make an appointment with the Benefits Service Center within 30 days from your retirement date to complete the Continuation of Benefits Form. Or you may email your Continuation of Benefits Form to

Once the Continuation From has been completed and submitted to the Benefits Service Center, you MUST contact EBC within 30 days of your retirement date at 214-556-0971 to continue coverage. Only medical, dental and vision coverage is available to retirees.

If you enroll in retiree coverage, your coverage is effective the 1st day following the month you retire. Upon retirement, all life insurance benefits will end unless you exercise your right to convert your coverage to an individual plan. Please contact The Standard at 800-628-8600 for portability information.

Because of timing, be prepared to pay one month of premium to continue coverage. You may be billed via invoice as necessary.

If you do not enroll within 30 days of your retirement date, the Benefits Service Center will presume that you have waived your retiree coverage with the City of Dallas. You and your dependents will not be eligible to participate in the City’s health coverage in the future.

Dropping Coverage:

In order to drop the City’s coverage, a waiver form must be signed. Coverage will be stopped at the end of the month in which the waiver form is received. If you choose to waive your coverage, you will no longer be eligible for a City of Dallas plan in the future and all coverages will be waived.

Click here for the 2020 Retiree Waiver Form

Click here for the 2020 Retiree Continuation Form