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The City of Dallas Development Code provides that either the City Council or City Plan Commission may authorize a hearing to consider proper zoning in an area. This differs from typical zoning applications in that property owners have not made an application to change the zoning, the City Council or City Plan Commission initiates a process whereby proper zoning can be determined. Once initiated the same requirements for public hearings apply. There will be a public hearing before the City Plan Commission, and a second public hearing in front of City Council prior to a decision being made on a zoning proposal which has been initiated through the authorized hearing process.

​Authorized Hearing Prioritization for Processing

To date, the authorized hearings have been processed in order by the date they were initiated. The new method for determining the order allows the City to leverage City efforts, funding, or other activities related to development in the area of an authorized hearing, by assigning points based on this set of criteria.

As authorized hearings are considered by either the City Council or the City Plan Commission, a list showing the placement of the proposed authorized hearing will be provided. The list will be provided prior to the public hearing to consider initiating the proposed authorized hearing.

The criteria for each authorized hearing will be reviewed on a quarterly basis to determine if changes have occurred in the area to warrant a change in the order. Changes such as a recently adopted land use plan or a significant infrastructure project starting within the next six months would garner additional points and may elevate the authorized hearing on the list.

Any changes to the list will be distributed to the City Council and the City Plan Commission as well as reflected on this webpage.

Click here for the Authorized Hearing Prioritization List Updated 1/4/2021

Authorized Hearings in Progress

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