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​Neighborhood Plus Target Area

​Elm Thicket-Northpark Target Area, District 2
Project Leader - Brian Price

​Elm Thicket-Northpark is one of twelve Neighborhood Plus focus areas. The Elm Thicket-Northpark area is locate just east of Love Field airport in District 2. It is  bounded by Mockingbird to the south, Lovers lane to the north, Inwood Road to the east and Lemmon Avenue to the west. Neighborhood Plus is a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy for the City of Dallas.

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Elm Thicket-Northpark is a traditionally African-American neighborhood located just east of Love Field airport. The neighborhood has a prime location with great access to shopping, jobs and transportation. Over the past 20 years, the area has seen significant demographic and economic changes. A few of the changes include a large rise in the Hispanic population as well as rising property values and new construction. For over a year now, many residents and neighborhood leaders have been working through the Neighborhood Crime Watch with Councilmember Medrano, City Code reps, Dallas Police and other City departments to build stronger relationships and address their concerns.

With neighborhood undergoing ongoing changes and broader neighborhood concerns regarding the changes,  in 2016 Councilmember Medrano designated Elm Thicket-Northpark as one of the Neighborhood Plus target areas.

Through extensive community outreach, community meetings, and convening of neighborhood leaders through an advisory council, Neighborhood Plus worked with Elm Thicket-Northpark to define a vision for its future. The Vision Statement developed by the community states:

To support a diverse, safe neighborhood with quality housing, infrastructure, and institutions for all its residents, and to preserve and protect the legacy and heritage of this historic Dallas neighborhood.”

Furthermore,  the neighborhood has identified short-term actions and a long-term stabilization strategies. Together, the City of Dallas staff, residents and other stakeholders developed a Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP) built around a community-based process that reflects the interests and needs of residents and other stakeholders. Read the Neighborhood Action Plan. The Neighborhood Association is working to implement the items identified in this plan.

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Community Meeting #1July 23, 2016
​Community Meeting #2
August 13, 2016
​Community Code Crawl
​September 24, 2016
​Community Clean-Up
​October 1, 2016
​Home Repair Workshop
​October 15, 2016
​​Community Meeting #3January 28, 2017​​
January 28, 2017 - Espanol
Neighborhood StoriesFebruary 4, 2017
Neighborhood Action PlanJuly 1, 2017
Neighborhood Association     Officer ElectionsJuly 22, 2017


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