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​Northwest Highway & Preston Road Area Plan


The Study Area is bounded by Walnut Hill Lane on the north, Hillcrest Road on the east, Meadowbrook Drive and Devonshire Drive on the west, and Southwestern Boulevard and the City of University Park City limits on the south. The Study Area is approximately 1,370 acres in seven study zones, each with unique characteristics and issues which the plan addresses.




The Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan is a neighborhood initiated plan approved in January 2017.  The Planning process included input from property owners, community meetings, Advisory Task Force work sessions, research and recommendations from project consultants, and information provided by City and regional officials (NCTCOG & TXDOT).


The Advisory Task Force, a panel of representatives from each of the study's seven zones met frequently to provide input, ask questions and work toward consensus.

The plan studies and makes recommendations on a number of areas including  urban design, traffic congestion and parking issues. The plan contains  policies and actions recommendations to improve the public realm, mitigate parking and traffic issues, and address infrastructure deficiencies. Land development policies include zoning guidance, streetscape, landscape and pedestrian improvements.


The Northwest Highway and Preston Road area will maintain and enhance its position as one of the most desirable and livable residential areas in the City of Dallas, offering stable, protected neighborhoods with a range of great housing alternatives, from rental apartments to estate properties.  A renewed, walkable Preston Center will serve as an urban core for the surrounding neighborhoods, with a balanced mixture of office, retail, residential, hospitality and entertainment facilities, making it possible to live, work and play without getting into your automobile.

Council District: 13

Year of Adoption: January 2017

Download Plan: Northwest Highway & Preston Road Area Plan