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​Real Estate

Ashley Eubanks, Assistant Director: 214-948-4112

The Real Estate Division is committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers and delivering quality customer service.  We are available via phone or email as follows:

​The Real Estate Division of the Department of Public Works, only administers real estate owned or to be acquired by the City of Dallas. We do not provide ownership information, title work, appraisals, or other services on non-city owned property.

Real Estate Contacts:

​Kathy Green
Manager - Surplus Property/Tax Foreclosures/Leasing
​(214) 948-4122
​Mark Proctor
Manager - Acquisitions
​(214) 948-4096
Regina Barber
Manager - Relocation

Ann Carraway Bruce
Manager - Abandonments/Licenses

​(214) 948-5326

​(214) 948-5386

  Click the link to access the City of Dallas Land Property Map.

  Click the link for more information regarding the Land Bank Program.