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A property owner or a tenant, with the written consent of abutting property owner(s), may apply to the city for a revocable or private license to use the whole or part of the abutting public right-of-way.  Fees will be charged for the use of public right-of -way in accordance with the Dallas City Code.

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Your Request Must Include:

  1. a letter to the Department of Public Works, Real Estate Division from the owner(s) and/or tenant(s) requesting the license and stating the following: details of proposed use; whether property is vacant or improved, if improved, what type of building; number of jobs, if any, to be created by project; project start and end date; pending actions with other city departments such as zoning, subdivision, economic development and public works & transportation;
  2. a non-refundable $750 application fee and a $75 recording fee payable to "City of Dallas" in the form of Cashier Check or Money Order. A personal or business check will not be accepted for the recording fee​;
  3. written concurrence of all abutting owners, if more than one, for the area proposed to be licensed;
  4. copies of recorded deeds showing current ownership of all property abutting the area proposed to be licensed and, if a tenant, a copy of the lease;
  5. a plat showing the proposed license area and in some cases, detailed drawings; a vicinity map and location of existing utilities in proposed license area and;
  6. metes and bounds description and survey plat of "license area" prepared by a registered public surveyor according to City of Dallas "Survey Guidelines".   All metes and bounds descriptions submitted must be accompanied by an executed City of Dallas "Surveyor's Certificate."

If you would like to pursue a license with the City of Dallas for the first time, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment with a Real Estate Specialist, prior to submitting an application, to discuss the process in general and your project specifically. Please call (214) 948-4100 to make an appointment or speak with a Real Estate Specialist regarding the licensing process.​

Upon receipt of the request for a license, a real estate specialist will be assigned to the project. Any questions concerning the project should be directed to the assigned specialist. Please direct all inquiries to the Department of Public Works, Real Estate Division at 320 East Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 203, Dallas, Texas 75203 (214-948-4100).

Note:  If a license is approved, the license will grant use of the public right-of-way for the stated purpose.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE APPLICANT TO OBTAIN ANY REQUIRED PERMITS WHERE ADDITIONAL FEES MAY APPLY.​  Additional permit requirements may be required as it relates to signs, planters, landscape, awning/canopies or any other public right-or-way.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain any require permits and/or additional licenses, where additional fees may apply.  

Typical Steps Required to Process a License Request (if complete)

  1. Applicant's request is reviewed, file established, and response forms sent to City departments, public utility companies and telecommunication franchisees affected by the proposed request. 
  2. All response forms sent to City departments, public utility companies and telecommunication franchisees are received by the Department of Public Works, Real Estate Division. 
  3. Summary memo of responses prepared by Specialist. A temporary license for telecommunication and landscaping uses may be issued administratively in hardship situations after completion of Summary Memo.
  4. Metes and bounds description is approved by the City Surveyor.
  5. The license fee is determined based upon the intended use and the tax assessed value of the land abutting the public right-of-way, as required by the City Code. License fees are paid annually and, if calculated pursuant to the formulas below, reviewed annually to determine whether fees will increase or decrease based upon the tax assessed land value. Licenses for telecommunication uses are tied to the CPI-W after the first year. 
    Fees are calculated as follows: 

    Fee for surface use = area X assessed value X 85% X 12%, 
    Fee for air rights = area X assessed value X 85% X 85% X 12%, 
    Fee for subsurface use = area X assessed value X 30% X 12%, 
    Fee for commercial parking = 50% of gross receipts

All fees will be the greater of the calculated fee or the minimum annual fee of $1,000 plus a $20 ordinance publication fee. 

: Fees for the following uses are as follows pursuant to Ordinance No. 29906 adopted October 28, 2015: 

Sidewalk Café: $200 annual fee, plus $100 application fee

Landscaping and appurtenant uses: $100 (one-time fee), plus $100 application fee

Awnings and canopies, without a premise sign as defined in Section 51A-7.102(28) of the 
Dallas City Code: $100 per awning or canopy (one-time fee), plus $100 application fee

Subdivision signs: $100 per sign* (one-time fee), plus $100 application fee

Streetscape improvement projects, including but not limited to, landscaping as part of a 
streetscape improvement project, planters, crosswalk texturing and coloring, artwork, lighting, 
benches, and trash receptacles: $100 per element (one-time fee), plus $100 application fee

      6.  Draft ordinance is prepared by the Department of Public Works, Real  Estate Division and sent to City                    Attorney's office.

     7.  Ordinance reviewed and approved by City Attorney's Office. 

     8.  Proposed ordinance, "No Conflict of Interest" Statement and acceptance letter are sent to applicant 
           for review and approval of terms. Applicant must return signed acceptance letter, "No Conflict of 
           Interest Statement" and the required insurance certificate prior to scheduling for Council action.

     9.  Proposed ordinance delivered to agenda coordinator for Council action (Cutoff for an agenda is 23   
          days prior to next available agenda date).

ALL TAXES OWED and ALL OUTSTANDING CODE VIOLATIONS must be paid or resolved by Applicant prior to scheduling an item for Council action.

This procedural outline details only the steps required for the completion of a routine request. At each step problems can be encountered that delay or terminate the process.

For additional information, please contact: 214-948-4100; Fax (214) 948-4083 or (214) 948-4118.