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​Real Estate - Surplus Property Sales Procedures
(Pursuant to the Dallas City Code 2-24, 2-24.1 and requirements of Chapter 272.002 and 253.008 of the Texas Local Government Code)

May 26, 2021

17800 Dickerson St$8,200,000.003801 Shenandoah, LP
9015 Forest Ln$2,100,000.00Gamvest Texas, LLC


The City of Dallas owns property which may be deemed as unneeded and unwanted tracts of land. These parcels are sold in accordance with State Law and the Dallas City Code.  Most common methods used to dispose of Surplus Property are by: 


  1. Sealed bid (for sale or exchange);
  2. Public auction; or
  3. Directly to an abutting property owner where the property is so small or irregularly shaped that it cannot be developed independently.


Other sale methods may be found in the Texas Local Government Code

The City Council determines by resolution:

  1. whether real property should be offered for sale and by what method; and
  2. whether limitations should be placed on the future use of the property; and
  3. what price is acceptable for the property (reserve/no reserve, if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a deposit required to purchase property from the City?

Yes. The specified deposit amount stated in the advertisement and bidding information will be required and must be payable to the City of Dallas by cashier's check or money.

Do I have to attend the sale?

Yes, for date and location please visit For results, please click on the auction date.

How often are sales held?

Surplus property sales are held two to three times a year.

Do you maintain a mailing list?

Yes. Please contact the Real Estate Division office at 214-948-4100.

For additional information, or the approximate date of the next Surplus property sale, please contact us at 214-948-4100,  or visit our office at 320 E. Jefferson Blvd, Room 203, Dallas, Texas 75203​.