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Who May Apply for a SIDEWALK CAFÉ License:

A person or entity that desires to operate a sidewalk café in the City of Dallas right-of-way must obtain a license.  The license requires City Council approval.  An annual license fee for a sidewalk cafe is $200 applied each year.  To apply, complete a Sidewalk Cafe Application ​and provide the following:

A)  a non-refundable $100 application fee payable to "City of Dallas" and a $75 recording fee payable to "City of Dallas" in the form of Cashier Check or Money Order.  A personal or business check will not be accepted for the recording fee; and

B)  a description of the proposed sidewalk cafe, photos and drawings of the proposed area to be used (include measurements and dimensions - See below Sidewalk Cafe Design Standards);

C) a Property Owner Authorization Form,  if tenant

D)  Form 1295 - will be needed in accordance to Texas House Bill requirement for any entity doing business with a municipality.  Allow assigned Real Estate Specialist to provide you with a unique contract identification number that will require further action of the applicant once the license application has been assigned.

Form 1295 Instructions
Form 1295 SAMPLE


Mail COMPLETE application to: 
Ashley Eubanks, Assistant Director
City of Dallas
Public Works, Real Estate Division
320 East Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 203
Dallas, Texas 

Upon receipt of application, a real estate specialist will be assigned to the project.  All questions regarding the application should be directed to the assigned real estate specialist.

Steps to Process Request:

​1. Intake process – application is received and reviewed; file is established and assigned to a real estate specialist. (2 ​days)

2. Response forms are prepared and sent to the appropriate City departments, public utilities and telecommunication franchisees. (3 - 5 days)

3. Responses are returned to the Real Estate Division stating any special requirements and/or conditions. (15 days)

4. License fee is determined.  (Invoices for subsequent years will be sent in November and are due by January 2nd for the year in advance.) (1 day)

5. License ordinance is drafted, reviewed by Real Estate Manager and forwarded to City Attorney for review and approval. (15 days)

6. Pre-acceptance of draft ordinance, A "No Conflict of Interest" Statement, a request for the balance of the license fee and insurance certificate are required from requestor PRIOR to item being placed on a council agenda. ( varied days per requestor)

7. Verification that requestor has no outstanding taxes, fines, fees or code violations. (1-2 days)

8. License ordinance is prepared for earliest council agenda for consideration.

9. Notice of License is prepared and filed with the county office.​