Dallas Arborist

​Dallas Arborist

Article X - Landscape & Tree Preservation

Article Ten was passed in May of 1994. It revised the existing Landscape Code and added provisions for preserving trees. It also required that a permit to be obtained in order to remove protected trees within city limits of Dallas, and outlined guidelines for protecting trees during construction and development. Trees on lots less than two acres and in current single family or duplex uses are exempt from the tree preservation code. Trees within the parkway are not exempt and require a permit for removal.

The Dallas city staff responsible for enforcing Article X are the Arborists, a team of degreed professionals with backgrounds in forestry, biology, horticulture and environmental sciences. You can meet your City Arborists by navigating to the 'Arborists' tab on the left. These pages were designed by the City Arborists to help guide you through the requirements of the Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance. They are however, still available to answer your questions by phone or by appointment in room 105 at the Oak Cliff Municipal Center at 320 E. Jefferson. Follow the Arborists link t​o determine which arborist covers your area and obtain their phone number.