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​Dallas Arborist

​Requirements for Single Family & Duplex Uses - Article X

Lots with single family or duplex uses established after May 29, 1994 must comply with the following landscape provisions:

  • The lot must have three trees with a caliper equal to or exceeding two inches

  • At least two of these trees must be located in the front yard

  • The trees must be species listed in Section 51A-10.134(b),
    The Approved Replacement Tree List

The trees may be located in the public right-of-way provided that all private licensing requirements of the city code and charter are met.

Required trees may be existing trees on the lot if the following provisions are met:

  • They are of the correct species, size, and location

  • They were protected during construction in accordance with the provisions of Article X

  • They are in a healthy growing condition at the time of inspection