Dallas Arborist

​Dallas Arborist

​Tree Removal

​​As required by SEC. 51A-10.130, a tree removal permit is required for the removal of protected trees unless:

  • The lot is under two acres in size AND contains a single family or duplex use.Vacant lots, lots two acres and greater, or lots with a structure being demolished require a permit to remove protected trees.

  • The lot is in a planned development district with landscaping and tree preservation regluations that vary appreciably from those in Article X, as determined by the building official.​

Non-protected Tree Species:

  • Chinese Tallow

  • Silver Maple

  • Siberian Elm

  • Arizona Ash

  • Black Willow

  • Hackberry

  • Chinaberry

  • Tree of Heaven

  • Horseapple/Bois d'Arc (female/fruiting)

  • Trees under 8" diameter (unless planted as mitigation)

​Permit Application Requirements:

  • Completed Building Inspection Application (owner(s) signature required)

  • Tree Survey (caliper, species, location)

  • Mitigation Plan

  • $100 Fee​

Tree removal applications are subject to review by the building official. Please contact your district arborist if you have questions about tree removal and/or the permitting process.