Code Compliance



Garage Sale Permits are issued ONLY by Code Compliance Revenue & Collections Division

 (Libraries are NOT issuing permits)

Everyone within the City of Dallas Limits is required to have an approved permit before placing items out for sale. This permit does NOT include 

Community Sales/Food Vending/Car Washes/Flea Market like Sales

All requests must be received at least 1 week in advance of your Garage Sale 

Dates to be processed in a timely manner


Residential Sales:

Estate Sales:

  • Completed Garage Sale Application including return email address
  • Copy of the customer Agreement/Contract. Must be in the Estate Sale Company letterhead with customer signature
  • Request must come from the Estate Sale Company by email to:

Church & School Sales: All items sold must be donated to church/school and all proceeds obtained will be for that church/school. This does NOT include Community Sales/Food Vending/Car Washes/Flea Market like Sales

  • Completed Garage Sale Application including return email address
  • Letter from DISD Administration or Church Owner on letterhead giving the organizer permission to hold the sale
  • For Schools, only DISD Admin office can request the permit
  • Email all documents to

For more information contact: 214-671-9391

Garage Sale Permit  Application

Please note that a purchase of a Garage Sale Permit requires adherence to these regulations and failure to do so could result in a citation.

Requesting A Garage Sale Permit 

Accepting Garage Sale Permit Requests through:

 Email, Mail, and In Person for 1st Permit

Mail and In Person for 2nd Permits

Email requests:

Mail and In Person:  3112 Canton St. #100 Dallas, TX 75226

Assistance in Person:   Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm

CLOSED: Saturday and Sunday and all Federal Holidays

For more information contact: 214-671-9391

Forms & Fees

​Garage Sale Application

Garage Sale Permit Application-English.jpg



Garage Sale Permit Application-Spanish.jpg


​Terms & Conditions

•There is a limit of two (2) garage sales at a premise during any twelve (12) month period (NOT by calendar year) and each sale may not exceed more than three (3) consecutive calendar days in length.

  • One sign is allowed upon the lot where the sale is taking place. Up to five signs are allowed at remote locations advertising the sale.
  • Signs must be placed on private property; Signs placed on medians, public property or utility poles are illegal. Signs not to exceed 2 sq ft.
  • Signs must be removed within 24 hours following the sale
  • Garage sales at apartment complexes, business address, Commercial, and vacant lots are prohibited
  • 1st Garage Sale - No Fee
  • 2nd Garage Sale - $25 – Accepting check, money order, or Credit Card

 (Credit Card accepted in person only) (No Cash/American Express Accepted)