Dallas Arborist

​Dallas Arborist

​Quick Tips to a Successful Landscape Inspection

In order for an Arborist to conduct a landscape inspection, the city approved and stamped landscape plan must be present at the site. Lost plans? A copy may be obtained at Central Files located in room LL29 of the Oak Cliff Municipal Center, 320 E. Jefferson.

All plant materials must be installed and be in a healthy, growing condition at the time of inspection. The plant materials must be planted in accordance with the approved landscape plan.

All trees must be planted at grade. The trees may be planted 2" above grade only if it is an extremely wet site.

The burlap and wire on all new trees must be removed from at least the top 1/3 of the rootball.

Staking trees 2" caliper or more is only necessary for trees with exceptionally large canopies and small root balls or for sites that are especially windy. If staking must be performed the wires should be somewhat loose and they should not directly touch the tree bark. The stakes and guy wires should be removed within 1 year after planting to avoid damage to the tree.

All tree trunk wrap should be removed.