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​City of Dallas Paid Leave

Quarantine Leave (Q-Leave) - Civlian & Uniform

As of November 2, 2021, COVID-19 and COVID-21 Leaves were replaced by Quarantine Leave Uniform (Q-Leave Uniform) and Quarantine Leave Civilian (Q-Leave Civilian), respectively.

Q-Leave Uniform
Sworn members of the City of Dallas Fire or Police Department, emergency medical technicians, or detention officers who are ordered to quarantine by the employee's supervisor or the City's health authority due to a possible or known exposure to a communicable disease while on duty are eligible for Q-Leave Uniform.

Q-Leave Uniform allows these employees the opportunity to receive paid quarantine leave for the duration of the ordered quarantine or isolation. The City will not reduce an eligible employee's paid leave balance in connection with paid quarantine leave taken.

Sworn employees should go through their chain of command to request Q-Leave Uniform.

Q-Leave Civilian
Civilian City employees who test positive for COVID and present proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 will be eligible for up to 80 hours of Q-Leave Civilian. Q-Leave cannot be granted for those who fail to provide proof of a COVID positive test that includes their name and date of the test, and full vaccination status.