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Diversity and Inclusion

Employee Diversity Dashboard

Diversity and Inclusion initiatives drive our organization’s commitment to promoting a culture of acceptance, appreciation and inclusion for a diverse workforce at the City of Dallas. HR is dedicated to openness, transparency, and accountability.

Employee Diversity Dashboard

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The City's Employee Resource Groups are vital to our commitment. 

Employee Resource Groups are voluntary employee-led individuals.  They promote a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, and aligned with organizational goals, values, business practices, and objectives.

Association of Asian American City Employees (AAACE)​
AAACE is an organization of Asian American City of Dallas employees, retirees and supporters established for the purpose of networking, personal development, and to support the City of Dallas in serving the citizens of Dallas. 

City of Dallas Best (Black Employees Support Team)​
BEST is an organization dedicated to being a resource, advocate, and partner with the City’s leadership team and our members to identify, nurture, and promote excellence at all ranks within the City’s workforce through professional development, mentoring, cultural programming, and communication.

Veterans ERG (VERG)
​The Veteran’s Employee Resource Group (VERG) was organized in March 2018 by a group of dedicated U.S. Armed Forces members.  They include active duty, reservist, veterans, and spouses of military members.  Their purpose is to cultivate professional development of military members and the spouses thereof, who are employed with the City of Dallas. 

LGBT Employee Association of Dallas
​The LGBT Employee Association was formed to raise awareness of equality issues in the workplace in order to foster an organizational culture that is inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ City employees, promote professional and personal development, and break negative stereotypes through education.

​Hispanic Association of City Employees for Results (HACER)
​Mission: To provide a personal and professional development to all city employees through networking, community service, and education while promoting unity through diversity and cultural awareness.

Disability and Accessibilities ERG (DAERG)
​Organized in 2021 by a group of dedicated individuals with disabilities of varying types, DAERG's (Disabilities and Accessibilities Employee Resource Group) primary purpose is cultivating the professional development of individuals with disabilities and their allies. All are welcome to join this ERG; you do not need to have a disability or identify as disabled to become a member.

More information about ERGs are available on SharePoint (Login Required). If you are not a current employee, please 
reach out to for more information.