Human Resources


Why Volunteer?


In partnership with VolunteerNow, the City of Dallas Volunteer Program provides meaningful opportunities for volunteers to connect with the city, support local government, serve in various departments, and strengthen community resilience. Overall, the focus is on engaging people in projects and activities that positively impact the community and change lives for the better.  Whether you can give a few hours or a few days, the City of Dallas Volunteer Program has a place for you!​

When you volunteer you can:

  • Increase your awareness of community needs and local government by engaging in projects and sharing ideas to shape the future of your city.
  • Develop and build professional skills through networking with city employees and other volunteers.
  • Meet new friends who share your passions and goals by joining other volunteers who make a difference every day.
  • Make an impact in the life of a child by helping them learn to read, find a home for a stray animal, or assist a neighbor in a community clean up.


Ready to Volunteer?

Visit the City of Dallas page on VOLY at is powered by VolunteerNow, a Dallas-headquartered technology nonprofit with almost 50 years of volunteer management expertise. VolunteerNow supports more than 3,000 community organizations, mobilizes over 100,000 volunteers each year, and is proud to administer the City of Dallas Volunteer Program.