Human Resources

​Our Core Values

​The Values of Service

​Working for the City of Dallas is more than a job. It is a career that requires dedication, passion, and more importantly putting citizen, communities, and neighborhoods first. At the City of Dallas, we are committed to building a Service First culture. Service First is delivering Responsive and Proactive service that meets the needs of Dallas citizens - 365 days a year! Building a Service First culture is guided by our core values of Empathy, Ethics, Excellence, and Equity.

E m p a t h y

We demonstrate compassion by listening and understanding. Our Empathy goal is to never get too busy or lose sight of why we are here; SERVICE!

E t h i c s

We believe in being transparent, open and honest. As public servants, we are held to a higher standard and must always strive to do the right thing. Our Ethics goal is to equate Public Service to Public Trust.

E x c e l l e n c e

We are committed to continuous improvement. Our qualities of Excellence include seeking best practices, becoming experts in our fields, and having the courage to get work executed. Our Excellence goal is to make a POSITIVE impact in the community.

E q u i t y

We understand the diverse needs of the community we serve. Our Equity goal is to ensure everyone has access to opportunities necessary to satisfy their essential needs.