Human Resources

​Our Core Values

​The Four E's

​Working for the City of Dallas is more than a job.  It is a career that requires dedication, passion and, more importantly, putting citizens, communities and neighborhoods first.  We call these collective habits a Service First mentality, which is guided by our core values of Empathy, Ethics, Excellence and Equity.

E m p a t h y

Being empathetic simply means being compassionate and understanding.  However, it also means never losing sight of why you are here, which is to provide service.

E t h i c s

Ethics means being honest and having integrity in everything that you do and say.  Remember, as a City of Dallas employee you are held to a higher standard, therefore being truthful and keeping your promises to citizens is imperative.  So, be transparent, open and honest and always do the right thing.

E x c e l l e n c e

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding at something and always trying to find ways to achieve even greater results.  Excellence in service delivery should always be your goal.  Do not be afraid to take on tough assignments or challenge the status quo.  Above all, if you be professional and a leader you will always be able to make a positive impact.

E q u i t y

Equity is when everyone has access to the opportunities that are necessary to satisfy their essential needs, advance their well-being, and achieve their full potential.  In short, equity is the quality of being fair and impartial.