Human Resources

Personnel Rules

​The Personnel Rules are rules that have been adopted by the Dallas City Council to define policy and procedure relating to City employees. These rules provide information about the General Provisions, Compensation, Leave Policies, Benefits, Rules of Conduct, Discipline, Grievance and Appeal Procedures. In addition to the Personnel Rules there are other forms of rules and regulations which govern City of Dallas employees. They are the City Charter (hover over "City Codes" on the Dallas City Attorney page and click on "City Codes: Volumes 1-3"), the Civil Service Rules,  Administrative Directives and the Code of Ethics.

Summary of 2021 Personnel Rule Changes

2021 City of Dallas Personnel Rules (Chapter 34, Dallas City Code)

Reglamento de personal de 2021 (2021 Personnel Rules in Spanish)

These documents have been formatted for printing. For the official version of the Personnel Rules, see Chapter 34 of the Dallas City Code. Chapter 34 of the Dallas City Code shall prevail in the event of any difference in wording between the two versions.

To view the City Codes on the City Dallas Attorney website, hover over "City Codes."