Planning & Urban Design

​Community​ and Neighborhood Cleanup​

The Community/Neighborhood Cleanup intiative was established as an extension of the Neighborhood Plus plan to increase neighborhood vibrancy, vitality, and sustainability. A community cleanup is an opportunity for neighbors/community groups, organizations, school groups, and businesses to choose an area  and proceed to clean up and or improve the areas ascetics. Through this program, ALL community cleanups are coordinated through one department utilizing the 311 Service Request (SR) system. If you are interested in scheduling a cleanup in your community, here are a few things you should know:

  • To request a community cleanup, call 311 and tell the agent that you would like to schedule a community clean-up.
  • All community cleanups are scheduled during the week or weekend prior to the area's bulk trash pick-up date, click HERE to see the Bulk Trash schedule.
  • To assist you in planning and coordinating a cleanup, click HERE to view and download a helpful guide. The guide will ensure you have a successful cleanup in your community.
  • If tools are required for your cleanup, click HERE to learn about the City's Hand Tool Loan program (mowers, weed eaters, rake's etc.)
  • The City does NOT provide any other materials except for what is offered through the City's Hand tool program.
  • This program is coordinated by the City's Planning and Urban Design Department as part of the Neighborhood Plus Plan. If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact Joe Yanez, Community Outreach Coordinator, at 214-671-8873 or  ​