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​Neighborhood Plus Target Area

​Pemberton Hill Target Area, District 5 & 8
Project Lead - Sef Okoth

The Pemberton Hill Target Area is one of twelve Neighborhood Plus focus areas. The Pemberton Hill area is located in District 5 and District 8, generally bounded by Pemberton Hill Rd to the west, Great Trinity Forest Way to the South,  Jim Miller Road to the east and I75 to the northeast. Neighborhood Plus is a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy for the City of Dallas.

More information about the area. To see the PowerPoint presentations from the meeting click on the meeting date below. 


Pemberton Hill has experienced many unique challenges that have impacted its development character, economy, and social fabric. Still, the neighborhood provides a wealth of opportunities for housing, business, education, and recreation within a relatively small area. However, as it transforms, it is experiencing challenges that undermine its livability. In response to these challenges, the City of Dallas initiated a planning process, under the direction of Councilmember Callahan and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Wilson to identify short-term actions and a long-term revitalization strategies. Together, the City of Dallas staff, residents and other stakeholders have developed a Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP) built around a community-based process that reflects the interests and needs of residents and stakeholders.

SNAP (Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan) calls attention to needed improvements and reaffirm residents' and the City's commitment to the neighborhood. It primarily focuses on identifying actions to encourage the long-term sustainability and enhancement of the neighborhood. The key themes of the SNAP include neighborhood appearance, property maintenance, public safety, infrastructure improvement, and economic development. Read more about this process.

An Open House was held on September 14, 2017 for a community review of the Pemberton Hill Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan. Read the Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP).  


Advisory Council Meeting IJune 23, 2016
Community Visioning WorkshopJune 30,  2016
​Infrastructure Needs Workshop
​July 1, 2016
Community VisioningJuly 25, 2016
Community Meeting (conducted in Spanish)July 28, 2016
Community MeetingAugust 4, 2016
​Infrastructure Needs Workshop
​August 5, 2016
Advisory Committee Meeting IISeptember 6, 2016
​Code Crawl/Dallas 311
​October 1, 2016
Home Repair & Tax Education Workshop
October 8, 2016
Home Painting ProjectOctober  15, 2016
​Community Meeting V
​March 14, 2016
Small Business Resource Workshop
April 18, 2017
Community Meeting
May 16, 2017
Home Repair Blitz
June 28 - 30, 2017
Open House
September 14, 2017