Planning & Urban Design

​Policy & Adopted Plans


Comprehensive Plan

forwardDallas! is Dallas' citywide comprehensive plan. Driven by direct citizen involvement, forwardDallas! envisions the Dallas residents want to live and do business. Dallas City Council adopted forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan June 2006.​


 Area Plans


The Planning & Urban Design Department (P+UD) partners with agencies such as the Neighborhood coalitions, neighborhood groups and the North Texas Council of Governments to create a vision for specific neighborhoods or areas of the city. P+UD provides technical support and serves as a liaison with other City departments to assist organizations in crafting a plan. 

Thoroughfare Plan

The Thoroughfare Plan classifies the various roadways and prescribes minimum standards for each type of roadway, together with the map showing the Thoroughfare Plan of present roadways, projected roadways and the character of roadways throughout the City of Dallas.

Complet​e Streets

Complete Streets is intended to improve the way the City of Dallas designs and builds streets. The vision of the Dallas Complete Streets Initiative is to build streets that are safe and comfortable for all users. Dallas City Council adopted Complete Streets in January 2016.

​Dallas Bikeway

The Dallas Bike Pla​n provide is a community-input driven planning effort to update the previous bike plan resulting in a bicycle "master plan", implementation strategy and a set of key recommendations for complimentary bicycle policies and programs. Dallas City Council adopted the Bike Plan in June 2011.

Neighborhood Plus

Neighborhood Plus is a citywide neighborhood revitilization plan for the City of Dallas. At the center of the plan are six strategic goals: Collective Impact, Alleviating poverty, Fighting blight, Atrracting and Retaining the middle class, Increasing home ownership and Enhancing rental options. Dallas City Council adopted the Neighborhood Plus Plan in October 2015.